Hugh Jackman sat down on a diet for “Wolverine”

Хью Джекман сел на диету ради «Росомахи»

Very often the actors for a particular role have to undergo changes in appearance. Someone cut it off, someone grows a beard, someone extremely lose weight, and someone should, on the contrary, to gain a few dozen extra pounds.

This is soon to be Aussie Hugh Jackman.

In an interview with the American press, the actor said that recently he prescribed a new diet, observing that he will recover 20 kilograms.

A lot you need to dial Jackman taking part in the next film of the franchise “Wolverine”, which will start in the near future.

“Imagine my watch every three and a half hours I remind you that it’s time to eat another steak! — told journalists Hugh. — But where to go? In just a month, I should gain about 20 pounds of muscle for next coming of the Wolverines! Last. Shooting start soon”.

By the way, “Wolverine-3” will be the last film where the actor will transform into the mutant. As recognized by the Australian, despite the fact that this role, he has devoted several years of his life, it is easy to say goodbye: “I am the way, many said I was so hooked that role, which will fail in time to come off. But it is not true. I actually said goodbye to Wolverine, and blame my stomach! I was not sure that he will stand in the future as many steaks, chicken white meat and, most importantly omelets of some proteins. Diet Wolverine and Hugh Jackman — simple and unpretentious. Oh, and a single gram of sweet”.

The new film does not yet even got a name, but Jackman promises that viewers will find cool sight: “But it would be cool, I promise! Still an amazing story!

In addition, Hugh said that he was at the forefront of the great popularity of films about mutants, that is his good news: “When I suddenly took on this role in the first film, superheroes were not popular, films about them was full of fluff and not a lot of money brought. But “X-Men” came out in me and in the morning I began phoning some of the producers: the movie on the first day they gathered twice as much cash than they expected. Since then, and here we go”.

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