Hugh Jackman said goodbye to a significant part of his life

Хью Джекман попрощался со значимой частью своей жизни The actor spoke about his favorite character. In early March the Russian fans of the comics will see long-awaited blockbuster, “Logan”, in which Hugh Jackman will again play the role of a courageous mutant. This picture will be the last for the artist, who had sworn never to play Wolverine.

      Хью Джекман попрощался со значимой частью своей жизни

      March 2 at movie theaters of Russia comes a new blockbuster, “Logan”, dedicated to the popular character of Marvel comic universe. Premiere of the first picture where you can see the charismatic Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman, took place in 2000. Long-awaited project of Director James Mangold will be the last film that tells about the adventures of Logan. Recently Hugh Jackman gave a Frank interview in which has told about the farewell to the iconic character.

      “When I first saw “Logan” on the big screen with an audience, I felt no fatigue from my character, and love for him is stronger than ever before. I know that it is time to leave, and excited to do this now. I’m just 16 years feel that Wolverine has some kind of depth, complexity, in which no one ever tried to understand. It bothered me,” shared the actor.

      According to Jackman, one night he came up with the idea for the plot of the new film about Wolverine. After that, he called the Director James Mangold carefully valuablea artist. Soon after work began on the script of the picture. Hugh admits that happy with the result. “I love Wolverine as never before, and I am convinced that the time has come to part with it,” said the movie star.

      The actor also admitted that could not wait for the moment when they finally take off the costume of a superhero. Every day, when was working on the film, Jackman worked tirelessly. In recognition of the star, he worked fourteen hours a day. Therefore, the end of the creative process the man came as a relief.

      However, Hugh Jackman found positive aspects in the work on the blockbuster. The actor believes that Logan helped him to cope with difficulties. Every time the artist has turned into a man-beast, it was like he threw a negative energiy. “This is the best therapy in the world… don’t know how I’m going now, will it turn into an evil grumpy grandfather. I used to know: every two years need to transform into Wolverine and everything will be fine. It always made me happy” – quoted by Hugh Jackman’s “Medusa”.

      Recall that the previous film about the adventures of Logan, played by Hugh Jackman, was released in 2016. In the film “X-Men: Apocalypse” is also played by James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Oscar Isaac, Nicholas hoult, Olivia Munn and many other famous actors.