Хью Джекман обидел Райана Рейнольдса в его же рекламе!

Some actors are famous in the network of “special” friendship, the basis of which are jokes and jokes. And Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the marvel movies, and Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool, I can not stop the playful hostility in the Internet.

“Conflicts” stars began a long time ago. The actors argue for the similarity of Wolverines in the women’s view of the wife of Reynolds, Blake lively; then Hugh laughed at a stupid Christmas sweater colleagues. Through time Twitter friends posted a video where you shake hands and promise that will do the commercial products of each other. So Ryan needs to play in the coffee is Laughing Man Coffee, which releases Hugh Jackman, and Hugh – is Gina Reynolds Aviation Gin. And so it happened…though not as we would like.

On YouTube channel Reynolds released a video in which actors are willing to look advertising each other. None of the stars does not know which video was shot by their opponent. Ryan took luxurious professional video, which praises products Jackman and his including. Seeing work colleagues, Jackman was surprised…because his work is of a completely different nature. In the former Wolverine is called Reynolds fucking a goat and poured his gin on the table…

This relationship of actors is not surprising, because the constant gags are present even in the personal life of Reynolds. Any excuse for an actor is the ability witty joke. For example, Reynolds used black humor to congratulate the family on father’s Day.

“It’s great to realize that if with me something happens, you can always find suitable donors for organ transplantation,” jokes the actor on Twitter, alluding to their children — three year old James and eight month old Inez.

Not spared by the actor and his brothers, greetings which looked more like a mockery, not a good joke in honor of father’s Day. “Happy father’s Day to my older brothers who are wonderful fathers. Who knew that because of four torn condom will be so much love?” — he commented.

But before the holiday 41-year-old actor came up with an automatic response to e-mail the company Aviation American Gin, which was recently acquired. It was humorous, but touching. “To own the company for the production of gin was one of the main privileges of my life. Although this did not compensate my relationship with my father, which I was not, my heart warms that these other relationships are built on trust and warmth.

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