Hugh Jackman has refused a large fee for an adult rating “Logan”

Хью Джекман отказался от большого гонорара ради взрослого рейтинга «Логана»

“Logan” will be the last movie where Australian actor Hugh Jackman turns into Wolverine. This picture can be called the end of an era, because its creators dream that everything turned out perfectly.

Last week the film’s Director Dams Mangold on the marathon Butt-Numb-A-Thon in Austin showed 40 minutes of the movie. Critics noted that “Logan” is very different from anything previously released under the franchise “X-Men”. There’s more bloody scenes, violence, harshness. As it turned out, the creators decided to take this step and even asked Jackman to waive part of its fees in order to release the ribbon with the R rating (it is prohibited the presence of children under 17 years old unless accompanied by an adult).

After some hesitation, he agreed to these terms, however, what the fee was paid to the actor, is not specified.

Recall that the first film of the franchise “X-Men” is rated R was a Comedy action 2016 “Deadpool”. It is thanks to the spicy stuffing, the critics say, the film managed to collect the big cash.