Hugh Jackman has admitted why he turned down the role of James bond

Хью Джекман признался, почему отверг роль Джеймса Бонда
He explained that prevented him from becoming the successor of Pierce Brosnan.

Хью Джекман признался, почему отверг роль Джеймса Бонда

Hugh Jackman


Daniel Craig


Hugh Jackman surprised his fans by telling
recently about how he almost became the next performer of the role of agent 007. As told to Hugh, in 2002-m to year with him
was contacted by a representative of studios engaged in the production of the franchise of James
Bond offered him a major role. Have the caller was not a shadow of a doubt
that Hugh would agree, because he believed that the role of the famous superspy — the dream of every actor.

However, Jackman, after thinking a bit, answered a polite
failure. More precisely, he asked to change something in the script, and when his wish
was not accepted, and chose to reject the offer. What did not suit Hugh
scenario? It turns out, Jackman, famous for playing the role of Wolverine in the sci-Fi franchise about the X-Men, decided
that story about bond not sufficiently believable and realistic! And when he
asked to bring the script to “the harsh truth of life”, producer just rebelled.

Interestingly, Jackman, as he claims,
did not regret its decision. In his 50 years, Hugh managed to star in over 50 films and
the series and very happy with my career. Moreover, according to the actor, more
he is proud not only brought him great fame with the role of Wolverine, and the fact that he
managed to play Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables.”

As for the bond, which did not want
to transform Jackman, because of his refusal, the role has moved from Pierce Brosnan to
Daniel Craig, who this year signed another contract and will play
007 for the fifth time in the 25th edition of the film franchise.