Hugh Jackman gave Zac Efron to die in the next movie

Хью Джекман не дал Заку Эфрону погибнуть на съемках нового фильма

Australian hunk Hugh Jackman in the movies quite often need to show our strength, courage, determination. Of course, we do not exclude that the actor in real life is inherent in these traits. Recently the role of Wolverine was given the opportunity to prove it. Jackman had a chance to save his colleague Zac Efron, who was in a difficult situation.

The actors were filmed in a joint project called the “Greatest showman Earth”.

During complicated shots, involving special effects, has failed. Pyrotechnics began to fail, and that Hugh was the first who realized that you need to escape. Zac Efron actor pulled out of a burning building.

In the first minutes of an emergency, the crew did not react at all, because everyone thought that it was written in the script. When the fire began to spread throughout the building, all realized the scale of the incident.