Hugh Jackman and Naomi watts joined the “Young hooligans”

Хью Джекман и Наоми Уоттс присоединились к «Молодым хулиганам»

DreamWorks Animation has announced the resumption of work on a new animated Comedy called “Young hoodlums”. The project, which, apparently, will be a little more musical and attracted Hollywood stars of the first magnitude, such as: Hugh Jackman, Naomi watts, rose Byrne, Margot Robbie and Ben Mendelsohn.

It is known that the main role in the animated film will perform marsupial badger, who tired of the admonitions of parents, runs away from the family burrow. He embarks on an exciting journey through the desert, where it awaits a lot of adventures and unforgettable impressions.

The creation of “Young hooligans” will lead Tim Minchi, put forth his hand to the TV series “Californication”. To consult about the filming of the new animated film Mini can in Director Chris Miller (“puss in boots”), which is also involved in the project.

The author of the script was Harry Cripps (“the Magic pudding”).

Date of the premiere of “Young hooligans” has not yet been determined.


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