Хью Грант рассказал о самом большом испытании на съемочной площадке

Хью Грант рассказал о самом большом испытании на съемочной площадке

Creative violence — that’s what happened on the set 17 years ago with a successful British actor Hugh Grant. What led to this embarrassment of the owner of “Golden globe” statuettes and multiple BAFTA? And why he waited 17 years to admit it?

Dance display by the Prime Minister of great Britain played by Hugh Grant won the hearts of viewers around the world in the distant 2003. The plot in the film “love actually,” British Prime Minister David decided to break the tension after a hard working day with a merry dance. These rhythmic movements, the actor takes a direct in the workplace to the song, which sounds on the radio. Due to circumstances, not all workers of Parliament had gone home, and the door of the room appeared an unexpected assistant David, who inadvertently became an observer of this madness. This embarrassing situation that occurred in Parliament, was no less embarrassing for the performer of the role of Hugh Grant. Richard Curtis — Director of this film in the truest sense of the word made Hugh dance to be a casual dance that seems so easy on the actor.

The shooting took place 17 years ago, but only now the actor decided to confess that this scene was his most difficult in his career. Such a statement he made at the time of filming a documentary about the life of an actor. It turns out that Grant had never danced and so refused to do it on the set, he was 100% sure that it will not work.

“I thought, “This is intolerable!”. It will be so bad that the scene will become the worst ever even took off. And then Richard joked that thanks to dirty dancing, which I have seen at a London disco, I will dance just fine,” admitted Hugh.

The celebrity also added that the dance was filmed in complete improvisation, all the movements he had invented on the go. Because the time to rehearse at all was due to the fact that a lot of time was spent on disputes and scandals with the Director. Because Grant was afraid to dance, he refused to take part in this scene. Now, many years later, the actor recalls shooting the Christmas Comedy “love actually” with a smile on his face and admits that past experience had become for him a real creative challenge which he overcame with success.

Today, Hugh Grant has continued his acting career. Very soon we will be able to see his new work in the Comedy Thriller “Gentlemen.”

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