Хью Грант не узнал Рене Зеллвегер после пластической операции
The actor got into a very awkward situation.

Хью Грант не узнал Рене Зеллвегер после пластической операции

Promo for the film “Bridget Jones Diary”

Recently, during a TV show What happens Live, Hugh Grant had a chance to live
to prevent an unfortunate mistake — he failed to recognize the actress starred in
the movie is not one but as many as 2 times. It all started that a leading television show suggested
the actor to talk about his relationship with the actress, with whom he had
to work together on the set: “Tell me, who of you still support
the closest relations?” And showed Hugh six photographs. But at the same time, Grant
couldn’t see the lower part of the individuals depicted in the photographs of the ladies.

Renee Zellweger

Photo: Splash News/East news

Before you start to consider photos, Hugh immediately said, “Relationship? Perhaps with anyone. I’m afraid they all hate me. With me not simple at all!” But then he looked at the pictures and wonder: “who’s in the second photo on the right? Never ever seen her before!” And learned that it was Renee Zellweger, with whom he starred in “the Diary of Bridget Jones and the sequel, “Bridget Jones: the edge of reason”, was extremely confused. “Oh, that’s Renee!” astonished he exclaimed.

In fact, Grant can understand. After all, Renee for the time flown during the time of their last joint filming, Zellweger really has changed. According to experts, she underwent a number of cosmetic surgeries that made her almost unrecognizable. Not accidentally, many, videotrailer her new movie “Bridget Jones”, where Renee played Bridget, too, was puzzled and disappointed. “That’s all, Bridget Jones is no more. I’m grieving, as if suffered personal loss…” — commented on what he saw one of the critics-film critics.

However, the Rene categorically denies the fact allegedly made to her operations. She likes how she looks, and she is looking forward to the release in September of his new film about Bridget and hopes that he will bring her a new success. Moreover, the actress wants to play her character again — when it will be even older!

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