Хью Грант стал отцом в пятый раз!
The news became known thanks to a former girlfriend of the actor.

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein


Elizabeth Hurley announced the news that her ex-boyfriend, 57-year-old Hugh Grant has another kid!
She blurted out about this yesterday, in response to the question, it is not surprising if the quantity
children, the father of which was a Grant over the past few years. “Oh, Yes, of course! Between
by the way, last week he was born is already five! And they all appeared
after he turned 50 years old!”

says Hurley, fatherhood has completely transformed the Grant. Note: Liz has
full right to make their judgments on this score, because she knows Hugh is better than
anyone else since they had been together for 13 years before I broke up
in 2000. “It was an absolutely amazing father. Very, very gentle and
caring! Having children markedly “improved” Grant – he went to
new step of development!” — told Hurley.

That friend of Grant’s — 35-year-old Anna Eberstein soon make happy Hugh another “Chad” became
known in January of this year. The news of the pregnancy Anna was in
Media thanks to the mother of a friend of Grant. Suzanne Eberstein, judge and well-known in
Swedish politician, shared his joy with the Stockholm edition
Aftonbladet. She said: “I’m happy! I will soon have another grandchild
or granddaughter. And it will happen pretty soon!” However, guess about what
Anna was pregnant, it was possible without this recognition. After all, when in the past
Sunday Grant with his girlfriend appeared at the ceremony “Golden
globes”, many have noticed that the abdomen is usually superstrong girlfriend of actor
noticeably rounded.

New baby
neither the name nor gender of which Hurley is not disclosed, is the third joint child
Grant and Eberstein. In the fall of 2012, she
bore him a son John Mungo’s. And in December 2015 Ann gave
Grant another child, a girl. This time, however, Grant and Anna
chose to retain the name of his “children” in secret. In addition, Hugh has two more
children from the Chinese Tinglan Hong. In 2011, Hong gave birth to his daughter Tabitha, and a year
later (when the actor briefly with her reunited) son Felix. Curiously,
both mother Anna and Tinglan bore sons, for a Grant of almost
at the same time.