Хью Грант чуть не лишился жены во время медового месяца

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein in may, have tied the knot and went on a honeymoon, where the actor almost lost his wife. On the evening of the show Seth Meyers Hugh told the details of the journey. Honeymoon in Paris.

A simple romantic walk in Paris ended unpredictable. The pair ordered a taxi, which cost 6 euros. As it turned out, the arrival at your destination, pay the actor nothing. He asked me to drive to the nearest ATM, but the evil was not working. “I panicked and told his wife: “Get out of the car”. The driver got angry: “what are You doing?” I said, “ATM is not working, so we will not pay”. And at this moment he kidnapped her. Idea went right with my wife!” – said Grant.

What happened in the end Hugh did not tell, but said that the French taxi drivers he never were broken.

Recall that the actor told reporters that insanely happy in marriage. “Everything is really good… I should have married early. I was just lucky: I have a wonderful wife. I love her,” says Grant.

We will remind that on may 25, paparazzi spotted the couple near one of the offices of London, where register marriages. As said by witnesses, Grant and Eberstein took command support in the form of friends and relatives.

The pair had been together for more than six years, so the sudden wedding was not a surprise. Together Grant and Ebenstein have three children, two of whom are from a previous relationship with the Manager of a Chinese restaurant in London Tinglan Hong. “Fatherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. It neverojatno wonderful to feel all this love that surrounds you. Suddenly you realize that you love someone more than yourself,” he said.

However, the marriage Grant was not entirely positive. “If you ask me whether the people in order to 40 years to be in a monogamous relationship, of course, I would say no,” said Grant.