Хью Грант признался, что имел проблемы с психикой
The actor said that he had a nervous breakdown.

Hugh Grant

Photo: Fotodom.ru

A recent interview with Hugh Grant to CBS turned all the preconceived ideas of the public. A British actor for many years fiercely fought for the sanctity of his personal life: he was suing journalists who dared to write about something “objectionable”, arguing with editors, and even threw in paparazzi that folded under the arm.
And suddenly, everything changed. Hugh Grant began eagerly to share the details of his personal life.

In particular Grant
admitted that in 2007 he suffered a nervous breakdown. “I was coming back from vacation
in the Maldives, and suddenly felt strange. I decided to escape and
opened the newspaper to read about football. And suddenly my eyes flooded with tears.
The next three weeks I cried continuously. I couldn’t leave the house because
completely lost the ability to control yourself. For example, I could log in
cafes to drink coffee and cry
in response to the question of a waiter —
what kind of milk I prefer… I only tried the hypnosis, and
therapy, but everything was useless…” — said the actor. Fortunately,
after some time, the state of his nerves was normalized by itself.

That was
the cause of his breakdown, the actor still kept silent. However those who are familiar with it
biography, understood everything without his help. After all, just this year suffered a
the collapse of another Roman Hugh – Jemima Khan and Hugh was very worried about this…

However, since
then Grant turned his personal life and even got offspring. Hugh, who
always claimed that basically does not want to have children, became a father four
children from two different women. Currently, his youth team are two
offspring from Chinese actress Tinglan Hong — Tabitha and Felix and a daughter and a son from
Swede Anna Eberstein. And, as Grant admitted, he liked to do
children that now he can’t stop!

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