Hrushevsky has told of cheating on ex-wife

Михаил Грушевский поведал, что изменял бывшей жене
Marriage parodist Mikhail Grushevsky and his ex-wife Irina Mironova broke up about five years ago.

Михаил Грушевский поведал, что изменял бывшей жене

The couple were officially married for over a decade.

The separation of the pair turned loud, to stay friends, they could not.

Ex-wife accused the impersonator to change, but to recognize this fact Hrushevsky was able just now.

He became the hero of the program “the Secret to a million”, which revealed their secrets.

“In the last years of our marriage, I allowed myself the subject of flirting, but I didn’t live a double life – told the man. But I had no relations that I was saving for later. That, he says, will divorce and move on to another woman. Yes, I lacked in the family, but I can’t lie…”

After Lera Kudryavtseva asked a direct question, he changed the wife Grushevsky, the parodist said:

“I can honestly say that I tried to compensate for those vitamins that have not get married, but it was no big success. I don’t need sex, if he is all I have with a woman is nothing”.

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