Hrushevsky about divorcing Mironova: “I felt so bad…”

Михаил Грушевский о разводе с Мироновой: «Мне было так плохо...»
The actor spoke about cheating and that was the cause of discord in the relationship with his ex-wife.

Mykhailo Hrushevsky and Lera Kudryavtseva

Photo: @Instagram grushevskiymikhail of Mykhajlo Hrushevsky

With the divorce of Mikhail Hrushevsky and Irina Mironova it’s been five years. Since then the artist has a new spouse — Eugene Gusarov was born a little son Michael. However, it is still hard going through the collapse of his first marriage…

Michael openly admits he’s sorry he couldn’t divorce with Irina worthy. He genuinely worried that at the time of separation from first wife was too Frank with the press. According to Hrushevsky, he admits his guilt in the scandal unfolding around his family during a divorce. Impersonator’m sure if I didn’t “emotional nonsense” would be able to agree with Irina about a peaceful separation.

“I think our relationship has undergone a qualitative and serious degradation. There was some period that could be called a normal family relationship, but then it began… it seemed to Me that it’s mutual. That is, the understanding and on the other side, and my… It was cooling. All the more time we spent apart. And you can see that this is some kind of mandatory Union around the child. From my side died all that was to bind people in marriage. I would be a dead man. So, you know, scorched earth. I felt so bad that I’m like a zombie acted!” — told Michael in the show “the Secret to a million.”

Hrushevsky assumed that Irina felt the same way, therefore, did not expect the beginning of the “war” after the decision about the divorce. He, in his own words, was not prepared for what his life would be so vigorously debated in the media.

By the way, Michael also admitted that the last couple of years of living together with Mironova allowed himself to flirt on the side. He called it — “get the vitamins that are missing in the family.” But, as says the artist, no serious relationships. “I just don’t know how to lie efficiently. I’m clumsy liars…” said Hrushevsky.