How will Daria Zhukova for divorce from Roman Abramovich?

Сколько получит Дарья Жукова за развод с Романом Абрамовичем?
Lawyers have put forward their idea in what amount the billionaire will cost breakup with third wife.

Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova


The separation of star pairs always attracts the attention of the public, and the divorce of the billionaire even more. Recently it became known that Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova after 10 years of living together decided to end the relationship. The couple made an official statement which said that they parted friends.

Of course, many people wonder: what is the capital of “shining” Zhukova in a divorce with one of the richest men in the world? As it turned out, Daria is unlikely to qualify for the billions of dollars of savings half of the Novel (its condition is estimated in $ 9 billion). On assurances of experts, between the spouses, most likely, was signed the marriage contract, but the details, of course, will not be disclosed. At the time of entry into a third marriage in 2008, Abramovich has already earned the bulk of his fortune. Therefore, even if we imagine that the contract still exists, “marital”, which is divided according to the law, will be quite modest. Divorce from second wife Irina Malandina, by the way, according to the official version, cost the Novel of “only” 300 million dollars. However, rumor has it that this amount was many times more.

In this known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky believes that spouses will not hold from your gap “show” as “loud” divorce. “I know that it will not. Due to the fact that for a long time, many years ago, signed all the documents. I think that they are intelligent people and they certainly did. Signed all the documents that will be the case if the couple will break up. Therefore, no process wait. The crowd will not be discussed, because no process will be. People break up peacefully!” he was quoted

However, whatever it was, the Affair in any case will have to pay to Daria, the so-called “compensation” for the maintenance of two children, Aaron and Leah. In addition, it is known that Abramovich liked to do Zhukova generous gifts, the cost of which could reach hundreds of millions of dollars.