How was filming “Anna Karenina”: bold moves, serious passion and tears Boyar

Как снималась «Анна Каренина»: дерзкие ходы, нешуточные страсти и слезы Боярской On the channel “Russia 1” starts a large-scale show multiseries film by Karen Shakhnazarov based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy. Long before the premiere, the series has become one of the most discussed projects of the famous figures of cinema. “StarHit” found out why “Anna Karenina,” not to be missed.

      Как снималась «Анна Каренина»: дерзкие ходы, нешуточные страсти и слезы Боярской

      April 17 on the channel “Russia 1” will start showing the series of movie “Anna Karenina” directed by Karen Shakhnazarov. After the audience will see the long-awaited premiere, will hire a full meter, it will occur on 8 June. The “shortened” version of the work, a known figure in a movie called “Anna Karenina. History Vronsky”. “StarHit” to know why to watch the first serial experience of Karen Shakhnazarov’s why the husband of Liza Boyarskaya took not from the first test, and how expensive was the production of a large-scale project.


      Working on the adaptation of the novel by Leo Tolstoy, Karen Shakhnazarov went on an unusual experiment. “For me it’s a new experience – make series and features in parallel,” said the man, adding that the scenario projects were written separately.

      An invitation to become the Director of the series Shakhnazarov were not immediately accepted. Usually the man himself develops the idea of a future film, but this time the opposite happened.

      “This is the first case in my practice when the original idea of the film was not mine. I suggested Anton Zlatopolsky, Deputy General Director of VGTRK, a fairly long time to persuade, and – thanks to him – persuaded,” said the Director in an interview.
      Как снималась «Анна Каренина»: дерзкие ходы, нешуточные страсти и слезы Боярской

      The casting took several months, another six months was taken up preparing for the start of the series. Special attention was paid to the selection of the actors of the second plan. Wanting was enough, all of them had to watch. Then the artists of the month dancing to look good in the ballroom scenes.

      The actual filming lasted for two years. Specially for the upcoming film at “Mosfilm” built Petersburg 19th century, stitched a lot of outfits, atmospheric rustling while dancing, and in the Crimea, built a Manchurian village of the early 20th century. Even picked up a special candle that they can burn for eight hours. “This movie fits the word “first” – said project producer Anton Zlatopolsky.

      “In “Anna Karenina” was, where to turn – balls, horse racing, theatre and much more. We shot these scenes at the very end of the shooting period, and began to cook them before hand! Nine months I watched daily hard work. And there was not one dress that was hastily executed, each of them composed and perfectly embodied,” recalled Liza Boyarskaya.
      Как снималась «Анна Каренина»: дерзкие ходы, нешуточные страсти и слезы Боярской


      A new series in advance seems very cocky and even to some extent revolutionary. First, it was done without regard for already existing films on the fate of Anna Karenina. Karen Shakhnazarov noted that not familiar with previous adaptations of Leo Tolstoy’s novel, which were about three dozen. According to Shakhnazarov, he was watching the American feed of Greta Garbo drama Alexander Zarkhi, as well as the series by Sergei Solovyov. “It’s not necessary to watch “the Three sisters” in all the theaters, if you decide to do the staging. If well done, will try to steal if it is bad, you’ll lose time,” said the man.

      Second, the creators of the show invented the “update” everyone knows the story of the works of Leo Tolstoy, to force the viewer to follow the dramatic twists in the life of Anna Karenina as the first time. For this purpose it was decided to use another novel – “Japanese war” Vikenty Veresayev. He talks about the events that took place in the period from 1904 to 1905 that is why the new series begins extremely unusual for all fans of Leo Tolstoy. In the story of serial movie the action tied in the early 20th century during the Russo-Japanese war adult son Anna Karenina asks Alexey Vronsky told him about mother. Men try to understand, could the woman to avoid the tragedy.

      “That love opens the depth of human nature. The woman’s own understanding of love, and it is different than in men. The conflict between Anna and Vronsky is just a conflict between two understandings of love. A woman wants to fully own the man. And the man doesn’t want that to happen. Otherwise it will cease to be yourself. In this eternal and unsolvable problem”, – said Karen Shakhnazarov.
      Как снималась «Анна Каренина»: дерзкие ходы, нешуточные страсти и слезы Боярской

      But bold moves, which went to the creators, not the end. In the struggle for a more in-depth coverage of the tragic fate of Anna Karenina Karen Shakhnazarov refused from the line of Konstantin Levin. Such an act seems in the eyes of critics is extremely ambiguous: it is known that Leo Tolstoy was reflected in the character’s own views. Some researchers even believe that the main character of the novel “Anna Karenina” the writer did exactly Levin. His decision Shakhnazarov explains just. He believes that would not have been able to uncover an additional line is very rich, in the format of the eight-serial series.

      Thirdly, Karen Shakhnazarov, understanding that allowed certain “liberties” in relation to the source, said that filmed many important scenes that are never filmed. For example, in the series will be shown an external factor that pushed Karenina to a tragic death – a visit to her lover Princess Sorokina. In addition, viewers will see how the main character brings up someone else’s English girl, and get acquainted with social activities Vronsky.


      The main intrigue for film fans is how Liza seigniorial and Maxim Matveev have coped with their roles. The actors, who in real life are spouses, does not hide the fact that they had extremely difficult.

      “Experiences, victories, inspirations, fatigue, despair, laughter, tears, nerves… it’s Hard to say how much we had to endure and live during this time. And it is impossible not to admit that it was one of the most interesting and bright “travel” and “dives” in our lives that we will remember forever.” – also shared the role of Anna Karenina.
      Как снималась «Анна Каренина»: дерзкие ходы, нешуточные страсти и слезы Боярской

      Interestingly, initially Shakhnazarov was not sure in Matveev and hesitated for a long time, is it worth it to argue. “When max was gone for the role I did not like, played poorly. I had two candidates. Then I try again and again and suddenly it worked fine. Maybe he at that time was not ready. In General, I have had three artist and I could not solve,” – said the Director. The situation allowed the advice of a friend – activist movie called Vladimir Menshov and asked me to help with the selection. Without thinking, he chose you.

      In the end, the Director made the right decision with the main cast. Those took up the matter with great zeal. They are fully immersed in their characters and studied their characters.

      “My hero is a boy-major, speaking in modern language. He has no family values, him they had not planted. Father died early and her mother, Countess Vronskaya, famous for the incredible number of novels during his life of his father, and after. His childhood had been accustomed to the idea that adultery is OK if this goes no further”, commented Maxim Matveev.

      The artist’s wife Liza Boyarskaya wanted to play Anna Karenina since I was 16. At this age, the future artist read the novel of Leo Tolstoy for the first time. “Then I admired the daring of Anna Karenina and despised… Now I am a mother myself and very different look at the victim of heroine, an insanely sorry for her husband, one of the most underrated characters in the novel,” – confessed the actress. So after filming the actress said, “I don’t know what I now dream of.”

      Of course, many fans of the star couple interested in what it was like for the couple to get used to the image of lovers. Boyarskaya and Matveyev, said that this was not of great complexity. The performers enjoyed rehearsing outside the set.

      “Play love with the wife much easier than with any other actress. Lisa is a wonderful partner. Very responsive, professional, she is always on their roles. We had a lot of time in rehearsal, we discussed their characters not only on the court but at home,” he told Maxim in an interview.

      In preparing the article used materials of the newspaper “Izvestia”,,, and the newspaper “Telenedelya”.