How to win a man: advice from Lena

Как покорить мужчину: советы от Лены Лениной A famous writer gives recommendations on how to meet and conquer “the Prince”. Lena Lenina, a successful businesswoman and author of books about the relationship between men and women, said the “StarHit” where and how to meet men, and what to expect from a first date with a stranger.

    Как покорить мужчину: советы от Лены Лениной

    The well-known writer and socialite Lena Lenina knows how to find happiness, to be loved and cherished. In his books, successful businesswoman teaches the ladies first believe in yourself, and also tells where to look for love, and what to look for when Dating men. “StarHit” shares with you tips from Lena, which will help not only to meet their fate, but to be able to keep the man she loved next to you.

    Lena, you seem successful, and independent woman. I read your two books on how to behave with men. But how is it finding that special someone who is loving and caring and generous? Are there any special rules?
    Как покорить мужчину: советы от Лены ЛенинойPersonally, I’m taking care of myself. But if you don’t want to settle for the wisdom of the great, asserting that man should be self-sufficient, I would suggest, inhabited by generous men. They occur where there are rich. Because the richer a person is, the easier it is to buy the girl new shoes or a car. Such men can be easily found at Golf clubs, places to play Polo, private aviation terminals, in ports of large yacht, in a cafe the most expensive cottage villages and around the stables. And that’s how generous to do the caring – this is a complex neuro-linguistic programming, men, and work on improving yourself, as in the woman all should be perfect: body, face, head, and muscles, and medical card.

    Lena Lenina notes that there is a particular theory about relationships between the sexes, which is called “the market Price of brides and grooms”. According to this rule, everything has a price. The same applies to people. “The more advantages you have, the more you will succeed in love. Economists love to believe that the more equal are the contributions of each partner in the relationship, the longer their Union. There are the following basic assets in the market, where people looking for love: physical, Finance, social status, prestige, intelligence, erudition, spirituality, kindness, sexy, nice character, refined manners, knowledge, communication, success,” advises a writer. According to Lena, possessing all these qualities are possible to find “Prince” on the love market.


    According to Lena, in the modern world where a woman has equal rights with the representatives of the stronger sex, it does not matter who makes the first step to make communication with any person. However, to the alleged “Prince” didn’t feel the compulsion women and wasn’t afraid perseverance, when meeting it is necessary to be sensitive and not pressure sensitive corn male ego.

    “Smile widely like a man and he spoke with a pleasant woman who showed him that she’s pretty, to be sure that he was the initiator of Dating, although he only reacted to a non-verbal invitation women,” – said Lenin.

    When you select the object to which you would like to strike up an acquaintance, you need to focus on how he is similar to you. In particular, better together will get along members of the same age, social class, intelligence level and financial situation. On the theory of Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of the Zurich school of psychoanalysis, love people more comfortable, complementary. However, the woman and the man should be something diametrically opposite. “If, for example, talkative, sociable and extravert, a man more suited to discreet, silent and introverted. If you are a fashionista and for a beautiful louboutins prepared to tolerate them a couple of sizes smaller, the man you no longer fit in sneakers, dressed not so attractive, but handy. If you are emotional and tearful, the ideal companion of you will be the man with analytical and cynical mind,” suggests the writer.


    You have passed the first stage and here the man of your dreams asks you out. Most importantly, according to Lena, to speak less at the meeting and listen more when he talks about himself. Do not forget to Express our admiration of those or other qualities of your companion. During the conversation you will be able to understand how you fit male.

    “If you are willing to manipulate, ask him questions about ex-lovers. With a deep revelation of his feelings and experiences occurs the so-called psychological effect of the transfer. That is, the positive feelings he felt for other girls, he moves on you. To help a man fall in love with you, you need to switch on the emotions he felt for another woman. In psychology this phenomenon is called “carry-over” – man, revealing to the interlocutor the soul, simultaneously carries on he described the feelings he experienced when others. This process happens even if the person believes that his feelings long cool. Of course, should be encouraged memories associated with positive emotions,” advises Lenin.

    The method of “transfer” is often used by psychiatrists, psychologists, priests to gain the trust of the interlocutor and to control its behavior. According to Lena, revealing the soul, seeing that the person listening with understanding, he feels that he feels sympathy, while feeling gratitude to the listener and carrying him positive emotions. The transfer of love creates a deep attachment that is much stronger than the love at first sight.

    Another option how to read a man: we must ask him to talk about anything that comes to his mind. This will help to identify the unconscious motives of behavior. Woman should not share memories about his former deputies, after all, talking about them, you carry this feeling in the interlocutor.

    “If you want to win the sympathy of the elect, the right to memories and introspection give him. If a man has nothing to tell you because he was never in love, – such a man is not for you. Men who’ve never loved anyone, is simply not capable of this feeling, they are flawed emotionally. Emotional coldness is pathological,” said the writer.

    How to enchant a man

    Lena Lenina advises not only to influence the mind of the representative of the stronger sex, but also on his sexuality. In the opinion of the writer, if a woman comes to a meeting with red lipstick and gloss on the lips, it gives men certain associations with other bodies. Things with neckline will enhance this impression. The smell of essential oils or perfume with aphrodisiac is emoticonthemeitem.

    Lenin said: in order to produce a stunning effect on the Prince, you need to use in your image details such as black stockings, stiletto high heels, little tight dress with great neckline, a red manicure and a pedicure.

    “These codes of sexual attraction of any princes read in seconds. And, of course, the color red, which turned out to do just bulls. If the clothes are red it seems someone is too bold, you can always use accessories of this shade: a handbag, gloves, scarf” teaches Lena.

    As noted writer, sex has a place only when the lady wants it. However, this is a healthy relationship. “Hardly a woman satisfying a man sexually, can count on the fact that he’d marry her,” says Lena.

    How to bring a man to the Registrar’s office

    According to writer and expert on mezolevel relations, a theory of justice in the marriage proves: the more you superior to “Prince”, the faster you both will feel unsatisfied. When in a relationship there is an imbalance, one of the partners feels the inequality and tries to strike a balance, trying to equalize. When will the first euphoria of the meeting, “the Prince” can assess the situation and to feel worthy of a much better deal. The happiest life is composed of two partners who do not exceed in something each other. Otherwise, a more successful person in a couple begins to consider himself entitled to interfere in the conversation when he or she wants, or retire with the sudden mood swings. And cool partner is doomed to live with the uncertainty about the strength of their love or tolerate and swallow the bitter pill of insults when the other decides to take advantage of in the relationship.

    “For those who are still married have not been, and continues to dream about it, can you tell me how to overcome fear men to marry you. For example, he’s already divorced, and the ex-wife took him to the cleaners in a divorce to the bone, and now he has all the women he sees materialistic monsters. When convenient, when he starts to lament about lost in the divorce wealth and complain about the selfish nature of all women in the world will agree with him: “Yes, such terrible women are, they use men and are guided only by greed”. At this point, you have to “fix” his negative feelings on any object in the room, for example, on a chair in the corner. “But there are other women, put his hands to his chest, pointing at himself, – who love her man, not going to divorce him and Rob him, and believe in love and marriage for a lifetime!” But then again show to the chair: “But those poor women. They do not care about the feelings of the husband and how hard he makes money!”. And again, point to yourself: “But there are loving women that will life faithfully and truly serve your man!” And so on,” – such effective method offers Lena Lenina.