How to use natural stone in the formation of the interior

Как используется природный камень в формировании интерьера

There is a misconception: beautiful natural stone suitable for luxurious interiors in rich homes. In fact, a mineral of natural origin are widely used for finishing conventional city apartments and country houses. Simply choose a model to taste, proceeding from its financial indicators. Finishing by a natural stone — practical and environmentally friendly solution.

Как используется природный камень в формировании интерьера

Decorating walls with natural minerals — a long way to finish, which is popular today. If you give space for the flight of his imagination, using natural and artificial stones, You can significantly improve the interior of the room. Today there are many different ways to finish. Designers use masonry to turn a boring room into a work of art!

The main advantages

Long term of operation. Natural stone has high strength characteristics. It will not deform due to compression. The material resists the whims of the weather, chemical attack and mechanical shocks. Even severe temperature changes do not affect the properties and appearance of the mineral. Proof long service life serve as the Maltese temples, which were built by masters several thousand years ago. Design of marble and granite, erected before our era, included in the list of important sites of UNESCO. As for aging, the effect only improves the design, a striking proof that nature is the best designer.

Environmentally friendly. Natural minerals do not cause painful allergic reactions. You can safely use it for your bedroom, kitchen, living room and even the nursery. Natural stone in terms of environmental friendliness is much more preferable materials are made artificially. They do not emit harmful to the human body of toxic elements. It is not surprising that natural stones actively used for decoration of medical institutions and sanatoriums. Some minerals have unique antibacterial properties!

Wide decorative possibilities.
Nature provides the minerals magnificent appearance. Elegant streaks, unusual combination of colors, original lace — all to create a unique interior design. Craftsmen use natural stones for the decoration of luxurious palaces, public buildings, expensive hotel rooms and normal rooms in the apartment or house. Thanks to the beauty of the mineral sold the most ornate design projects.

Types of natural stone used for decoration

  • Granite. One of the most popular contemporary designers options. The popularity stems from the wide palette of colors. You can choose granite with a rich black color, and it is possible to pay attention to minerals with gentle and warm tones. The material has valuable characteristics: high strength, resistance to mechanical stress and resistance to moisture. It is actively used for laying the floor. However, when buying it is worth considering minus granite. Due to the high humidity the floor, made of this mineral, it becomes slippery.

  • Marble. For many years this valuable natural stone is synonymous with extravagance and splendor. It is important to integrate the mineral in the overall design of the room. Of course, marble is a luxurious, handsome and has excellent strength characteristics. But he does not give a cozy atmosphere. So allocate with it separate architectural elements. For example, looks great decorated by a marble fireplace. Wizard stone used to make countertops in the kitchen, window sills, suitable for laying the floor (in contrast to granite, at high humidity the surface of the mineral does not slip). With marble you can create amazing compositions and products. That’s why the material is sought after by leading designers in the world! Especially because there are many design options mineral. Although, if you compare the color palette of marble and granite, the latter variant has a certain advantage.

  • Slate and onyx. As granite and marble, these minerals have a wide range of design possibilities. Usually make more luxurious and presentable premises. Respectable stones ensures the presence of silica and mica. Especially beautiful surface minerals looks artificial and natural lighting. Onyx — a stone of green colour, the intensity of the change. There is light, there are darker stones. Onyx is distinguished by stripes of various colors that allows designers to realise challenging projects. With the help of material stone stairs, laid floors, it is made from countertops, window sills and other products. Slate is used as a elegant decorative coating.

  • Finally: natural stones, in addition to the chic design, have a surprising property: they improve the energy of the object, ensuring its natural strength. More about natural stone you can find here.