Эффективно ли лечить щитовидную железу йодом?

Diffuse toxic goiter is widespread in the modern world of thyroid disease, which is visually noticeable because of the increase in its size. Accompanying this disease is the syndrome of thyrotoxicosis. It is associated with excess of thyroid hormones in the blood, which leads to toxic effects on the organs and systems of the body. The failures of the authorities forced the man to go to the doctor for treatment and relieving symptoms.

Diagnosis of this disease is not a difficult task. Usually endocrinologists are doing it fast enough. The question is the method of subsequent treatment of the patient.

A typical solution in Russia is the appointment of a special medicines, thyreostatics. Their purpose is the destruction of hormones produced by the thyroid. The decrease in the concentration of these hormones artificially normalize regulatory function. However, eliminating the symptoms, this approach to the treatment of hyperthyroidism does not fight the causes of its development. This leads to a high percentage of relapses, so often this treatment is a waste of time and money.

The next stage of this method of treatment is irradiation of thyroid gland with radioactive iodine. Ongoing radiotherapy really results in the elimination of hyperthyroidism. But at what cost? The body’s ability to produce thyroid hormones is lost forever.

In addition, there are the following negative symptoms: painful throat, nausea, inflammation, dry mouth and other discomfort.

Radiotherapy helps to get rid of production of unnecessary hormones, but at the same time cease to be synthesized and are essential for maintaining life, and therefore necessarily will be assigned to substitution therapy and hormonal therapy will be a required companion of life of the patient. The hormones causes a variety of side effects that can manifest themselves in the nervous, reproductive, digestive, cardiovascular and other systems. No therapy, even the most verified, will not be able to fully replace the natural process of hormone a healthy thyroid gland.

It is therefore necessary to use the methods of treatment of diffuse toxic goiter and thyrotoxicosis, which is aimed at restoring proper function of the thyroid gland. An alternative to the above approach to the treatment of computer performs reflexology. Its content is to address effects on the nervous, immune and endocrine systems through the autonomic nervous system. This allows you to restart the processes of regulation in the body and avoid taking hormone replacement drugs.

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