How to spend winter holidays Neil Patrick Harris with husband and children?

Как проводит зимние праздники Нил Патрик Харрис с мужем и детьми?

Actor Neil Patrick Harris loves winter holidays and especially being the parent of seven year old twins Gideon Scott and Harper grace. He told PeopleTV about family tradition family husband David of Burtka, which they share with their children.

“We go for Christmas dinner. We visited Mario Batali restaurant called Babbo, where my husband worked. There is a dish called “the Feast of the Seven Fishes,” tells of the traditions of the family of Burdi.

“This is a traditional Italian dish, and our kids are foodies. We love to dress up on the night of Christmas eve and go gorgeous to eat. We walk and hope that Santa will bring coal,” says the star of the series “lemony Snicket: 33 unhappiness”.

Harris and Burtka with 2014. In April, they celebrated 13 years together. In October 2010 the couple had doinate from a surrogate mother. “Before I had children and I moved out of his parent’s house, I felt a little lonely. I celebrated Christmas with their friends or going home to parents,” says Harris. But with the advent of children, the actor understood the importance of holidays and the role they play in the lives of kids.

Neil Patrick knows how to create the spirit of Christmas, but one thing it still does not work. “I love the celebration. Love menyatsya gifts. I like to prune the tree. But just not able to care for them. All the time they die.” says the dad of twins. “I’ve tried to add soda water. Tried to make holes in the trunk. They die before the end of the year.”

Recall that for Christmas the year before last he received a very unusual and bleak present. Under the tree the actor turned out to be portraits of his children, made in not quite the usual technique. Buddy Harris made in the dark frame photos of the twins of actor. While the images were printed using holographic technology. That is, when changing the viewing angle, the picture changes. And they don’t change into bunnies or princes and princesses, and the real skull.

Unusual gifts Neal showed in his Instagram. Apparently, the gift he reacted with humor, but will they find the painting place in the house of the Nile somewhere other than the attic or basement – the question.