How to save a child from Internet addiction

Как избавить ребенка от интернет-зависимости Online today sit all without exception – from 2 to 90 years. And that’s fine, because the Internet gives us the opportunity to learn, free to read books and to communicate with people living in other countries, relatives, as well as to earn and to save time on grocery shopping, using the services of online shopping. Another thing, when the habit to pay the phone or computer a lot of time begins to affect the life of your family.
Как избавить ребенка от интернет-зависимости

But scientists have proved that dependence on computers and phones this craving for drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes! How to deal with it, consider the following.

Why is it necessary to sit less on the Internet

The loss of trust between family members

When instead in the evenings to gather around the table and discuss how was everyone’s day, mom and dad differ at the corners buried in their iPhones, it separates them from each other. People are no longer interested in the life of second halves, and then to love them… Mothers and Housewives who are bored at home, tired child, and write do not understand with whom in the “Classmates” instead of having to ask the heir, why he came home from school in a bad mood. However, she did not even notice sitting at the computer.


Fans to watch someone else’s life on social media and seeing what a beautiful ass former classmate and how often the ex-co-worker flies to the sea, you forget that people tend to show online only the best party of your life. This leads to a constant comparison of their own lives with the lives of others, and in most cases not in their favor. Here, a man begins to see the complexes that he doesn’t travel much, like the others, he is not obedient children and a wonderful husband/wife… That lead to eternal dissatisfaction and depression.

The temptations

The Internet is the ideal platform for flirting. Not every man is able to go on the street to like a girl, but almost anyone can confess her liking in social networks. According to statistics, it is often fun to Network between family people are the cause of the collapse of their marriages.


Few parents concerned that the child was not able to get to the sites on which you can stumble upon scenes of violence or pornography. Although faced with obscenities and rudeness today can even be quite harmless resources…

Как избавить ребенка от интернет-зависимости

Harm the reputation of the family

Often excessive frankness on the Internet someone of the spouses (most often wives) affects the opinions of others about this family. For example, had a row with Nicky Light, and the Light went out and wrote on the page in Facebook, what is nick a fool or something worse. The result – members who know them in real life, in shock, some of the most “caring” isn’t sitting in social networks and the unsuspecting Cole that his wife is doing behind his back. Nothing good, by itself, will not bring… besides do not forget that not so many people able to sincerely sympathize with – most just gloat. So don’t share online family problems.

Distrust and suspicion

Many women is their husband to have an account in social networks, become real detectives and no worse than Sherlock Holmes is able to figure out who their spouse is working and who went to the meeting. It is also not always positively affect the relationship – start questioning, suspicion. So better spend more time with each other in real life.

What to do if…

… Husband addicted to Internet

Many of my clients complain of male gamers. When mild, a Council – undress. Try to distract a man with sex is working. If things are bad and he shrugs off the marital debt, then, oddly enough, call his mom. Let come to visit you for the weekend, spend with my son talk about how he’s falling apart family. If the parent is not the authority, let the conversation of the dependent will close friend. The main concern you acted as reading morality, or become resigned to it. Another way to score at her husband. Not to Wake in the morning, do not feed, do not iron shirts. Take care of yourself – spend time with friends, go to the movies. There are two options: either it three days later sitting in the Network will Wake up and run to find you, or did not notice your absence, which is bad, because in severe cases, Internet addiction is not treated. If you are not willing to lose it, try to agree with him: you will come first to fulfill the conjugal duty and children, and then how much you want to stare at your smartphone. Refusing to compromise? I’m afraid I must leave.

Как избавить ребенка от интернет-зависимости

… The wife dependent on the Internet

If a woman is enthusiastic about “Classmates”, it means that she is bored. Conversations and prayers will not help here, we need non-standard methods of switching attention. No joke: get a whistle and every time the wife “leaves” in the Network, serve her a signal saying, come back to me and the kids. Or let the child spray her with a water pistol…

… The child is dependent on the Internet

Unfortunately, this was the worst case. Often I come to parents whose children, even at sea level will not pull out. Take the phone – have the child begin to shake hands, face is ashen color. There are moms and dads need to understand that this is not a whim but a disease that will be cured only by a specialist. Better not delay!