How to repeat the makeup from the show Chapurin CHICKS & CROWN

Как повторить макияж с показа Чапурина CHICKS & CROWN

In the Petrovsky Palace was a show of the autumn-winter PRET-A-PORTER, 2016/17 CHAPURIN CHICKS & CROWN. Clarins international make-up artist Olga Komarkova told how to repeat created for the catwalk beauty-images.

The new collection Igor Chapurin combines two key vectors of development of the brand: brought to an absolute femininity, a rising to line of haute couture, and designer’s interpretation of casual style. The idea of the collection in the deliberate confusion of the chaotic aesthetics of the streets and underlined aristocratism of high fashion.

“At this time, in addition to the collection of Igor Chapurin I was inspired by the venue of the show – the Petrovsky Palace, which is not accidentally fell the choice of the designer. The heroine of the show Chicks & Crown boldly combines in its way the chaotic elements of street fashion with haute couture aesthetics. Delicate and graceful, the girl masterfully plays with contrasting textures, shapes and complex colors: on a black background perfectly reveals the shades of gray, green and Burgundy with bright splashes of gold,” said Olga Komarkova.


The heroine’s makeup complements her elegant image. Transparent, porcelain skin with a soft pinkish glow created through the mixing of two textures: mattifying fluid with the effect of detoxification and makeup base, giving skin a radiant look, Éclat Minute. The center of the face moved slightly friable powder Multi-Éclat. The cheekbones are emphasized mineral compact powder with a tanning effect Bronzing Duo.


Eye makeup plays the contrasts of colors and textures. Smoky purple, deep and dull, as if applied with a broad brush of the painter, is fascinating in its depth. This sophisticated color is created on a movable century with multiple tools for eye makeup.

Over the mobile eyelid as a base apply eye pencil with brush true violet 10, then velvety eye shadow, heather 08 wet method using latch-up. Depth to the look add a bulk ink Volume Supra.

Golden thin line of eyeliner along the lower ciliary contour gently to enhance the look by adding him a mysterious appeal. This focus, embodied water resistant cream eyeshadow, 02 golden sand is a real element of haute couture makeup The heroine eyebrows combed upwards with a clamp double-acting Double Fix’ Mascara.


Lip makeup light and weightless, with a soft glow in the centre without a hint of contour. Air shade of pink praline hydrating lipstick Joli Rouge noble plays a pinkish sheen on the lips and cheeks of our heroine, shading aristocratic pale skin and a complex, multi-faceted eyes.

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