How to remove the nasolabial folds at the professional and at home?

Как убрать носогубные складки у профессионала и в домашних условиях?

Nosogubnye folds called wrinkles running from the corners of the mouth to the nose wings. Not in all cases, their education is due to the aging of the skin. Sometimes pronounced nasolabial folds have people very young. Is their anatomical facial structure. Do they appear with age when the skin is not so elastic.

Как убрать носогубные складки у профессионала и в домашних условиях?

How to get rid of nasolabial folds independently

Any special discomfort nasolabial folds do not deliver. It is a question of a purely aesthetic nature. People who want to get rid of them, just want to look younger.

There are many ways to smooth deep wrinkles, and eliminate them independently, without the help of a cosmetologist. This could include various exercises, the so-called fitness for the face, creams, masks, etc. All help if not eliminate the problem completely, or at least significantly reduce it, but only in case, if the grooves are not pronounced.

The professional solution for

If the nasolabial folds are too clearly distinguished on the face or the patient has a desire to completely get rid of them, only some cosmetic and gymnastics can not do. In this case, to help special cosmetic procedures, which are held in specialized medical institutions.

On the page of the doctor cosmetologist dermatologist Victoria Goldberg — all about correction and removal of nasolabial folds with hyaluronic acid on a professional level. All information on this website accumulated over 20 years of experience in this field and 10-year-old stud works in the clinic of the Russian Federation President Administration.


Mesotherapy involves injecting under the skin, small doses of special composition, which includes hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and other components. This method is effective due to the fact that the ingredients of metaproperty, getting to the dermis, stimulate on-going biological processes.


Under the skin are fillers, which include hyaluronic acid. The density and viscosity is chosen by the doctor-cosmetician individually depending on the age group of the patient, the severity of its folds, structure and skin type. Contour correction is recommended even in the case of the deepest grooves.


In the nasolabial grooves impose your own fat tissue of the patient, which had previously been recovered from another area of the body through minor punctures. After processing and purification from impurities it is placed in layers in the desired area. With the lipofilling to get rid of nasolabial wrinkles only for a short time.

Facial care after the correction

Regardless of the chosen method of correction of nasolabial folds after the procedure the skin should be cared for. The first twelve hours is recommended to refrain from using any cosmetic products. Correction on exposed sites can cause tone cream, powder, etc.

For two weeks not to do facial massage, steam bath, sauna, Solarium, sunbathing on the beach and be subjected to overheating. It should also be possible to minimize the load on the facial muscles.

Cosmetic procedures carried out with the participation of hyaluronic acid, quite effective and completely safe, making them so popular today. With the substances the skin is lifted, the folds are straightened, and as a result, the face looks younger. The dissolving of reticular hyaluronic acid takes a lot of time, which allows you to save adjustments for up to nine months.

Materials for articles produced on the basis of data from the personal site of the doctor cosmetologist dermatologist Victoria Goldberg. This specialist in the field of cosmetology for over 20 years and has accumulated a lot of their techniques for the removal of wrinkles, some of them have been presented at European conferences as the opening of new professional techniques. More details here:— all about the doctor, the beautician, Victoria Goldberg, participation in conferences, and certificates to permit the use of drugs, article on biopolymer and the benefits of it compared to gialuronat and also a lot of other useful material.