How to remove scandalous video of Svetlana Loboda

Как снимали скандальное видео Светланы Лободы At the disposal of “StarHit” was the entry from the set. Svetlana Loboda sealed during the work on the video for the song SuperStar. At that time she was pregnant with a second child, but refused to work.
Как снимали скандальное видео Светланы Лободы

For several days fans of Svetlana Loboda actively discussed in social networks videoanonsa her new song SuperStar. The author of the idea and the video was directed by the artist herself. And while some admired the perfect form of the singer, who starred in the video, nine months pregnant, others are shocked and don’t believe that what he saw might be true.

“StarHit” became known as felt artist during the work on the movie and what sacrifices she had to go.

“Svetlana just wanted to show that even just two weeks before giving birth every woman can feel like a superstar, and dancing, if there are no medical contraindications, very useful during pregnancy”, – said the “StarHit” on the set.

By the way, some medical scientists urged women not to abandon active life, sports and dances in the period of waiting for a baby. The singer the whole pregnancy was actively engaged in yoga and stretching.

Как снимали скандальное видео Светланы Лободы“The shooting took place in the California desert and lasted more than six hours, continues one of the participants in the process. – In addition, the video was shot ten expectant mothers, all of them found through social networks. Svetlana showed the utmost care for the girls after every take was scheduled breaks, and the entire crew were expecting treats from organic ingredients. The process was easy enough, the actress felt fine, by the way, by the time the teaser, all the girls become mothers charming kids”.
Как снимали скандальное видео Светланы Лободы

We will remind, the second daughter Loboda was born in one of the best clinic in Los Angeles. The baby’s weight was three kilograms, and the height – 48 cm. The girl’s father according to some is the lead singer of Rammstein’s til Lindemann, whom she met in Baku at the festival of Heat. Today Loboda returned to Moscow tomorrow to arrange a Grand premiere of a new song SuperStar on MUZ TV. The baby, whose name has been kept secret, she left America with her mother and a reserve of milk.