Как защитить ребенка от буллинга In Russian schools the insults subjected to 70 percent of the students – to such conclusion experts of the conference “Violence in the educational environment”. A resident of Moscow Natalia Tsymbalenko, who managed to protect her son, 11-year-old Petya, bullying (emotional and physical pressure), developed a methodology for dealing with bullying.
Как защитить ребенка от буллинга

“When son was in fifth grade, I transferred him to a new school, – says Natalia Tsymbalenko. He came not to the court: it belongs to the category of “uncool”, began to call Peda, to provoke a fight, which he avoided, thus further confirming in the eyes of the initiators of the conflict, the status of a weakling. Together with other children who were also poisoned, Peter tried to find protection from the class teacher, but she just shrugged her shoulders, saying that we must be able to understand ourselves. Attempt to talk to the parents of the ringleaders did not bring results – they believed that their children utter. I hired Pete instructor in unarmed combat, so he could stand up for himself, and the son a little behind, while from the other “rogue” – no. Moreover, last fall one of the boys, a best friend of Peter, bred for money, promising to buy him a vaping, but in the end leaving with nothing. The child’s mother tried to intervene, but obhamil and her.”

Ninth-from Sterlitamak tried to commit suicide after the arranged fire

“I watched from the side, until the son showed me fotozhaby – continues Tsymbalenko. – Classmate placed them in social networks, rejoicing in the fact that Peter was the “rock”… Here I burst.”

“I organized a group of three moms whose children are the classmates of the son, too, hunted, gathered material evidence: correspondence related to the sale of vaping, and those photo collages, organized a meeting of the homeroom teacher, psychologist, social worker and parents of the instigators of the conflict. After contacted the Director of the gymnasium, which, as it turned out, was not aware of the situation, and brought for the phenomenon. Held a Council at which were representatives of schools, Department of education and the Chairman of the governing Board. With the instigators of the conflict was found, the inspector on Affairs of minors, after talking separately with each. Student that sells wapama, put on record. The class realized that it was serious, and finally behind a son and other “uncool”. All parents who are faced with similar situations, I suggest not to idle. You can use the following scheme”.

  • Create the evidence base.
  • Refer to our homeroom teacher.
  • To call on the assistance of a psychologist.
  • Write a complaint to the school Director. If does not help – to the Commission on minors ‘ Affairs, the Department of education or the Prosecutor.
  • To form a public outcry is to post in social networks, to connect journalists familiar (the theme of bullying is very relevant today).
  • If there is no strength or time to deal with the issue yourself:

    • Hire a lawyer.
    • Collect receipts proving expenses (on consultations of psychologist, lawyer, property damage, etc.).
    • Sue.

    “And remember – sums up our heroine, is to humiliate your child without the intervention of superiors will not cease. So, if you are important to the mental health of the heir, connect school, Department of education, the police, the Prosecutor’s office. Alas, the other methods don’t work”.