How to prepare for breast augmentation surgery, if you decided to go

Как подготовиться к пластике груди, если ты на это решилась Experts and stars debunk popular myths about the operation and tell you what to do before breast implants and that in fact men think about it.
Как подготовиться к пластике груди, если ты на это решилась

Step # 1

Choose implant

Svetlana Gagarin, Professor, Department of plastic surgery of people’s friendship University, a surgeon clinic of aesthetic medicine Israeli SELINE:

“The shape of the future of the Breasts is primarily dependent on natural data girl. Of course, the desire of the patient to the surgeon initially, but you need to look at things sensibly: if the client’s subtle body weight of 42 kg with flat chest wants to imagine fifth dimension, do not let the lack of epithelial tissue, because the implant is placed under the mammary gland, and under the subcutaneous fat. Otherwise, the edges of the implants are visible under the skin – this should not be allowed.

Implants are of two types: round and teardrop. They differ in the upper medial slope – area neckline from the inside. If a girl wants effect push-up, it is more suitable for round implants, and become the owner of a natural breast shape will help teardrop-shaped implants. Sometimes, the future shape of the bust dictates the way of life of the patient. For example, if she goes in for sports professionally, which implies a load on the chest, from the teardrop-shaped implants should be abandoned – they can simply roll over during a bench press bar, for example. Also to choose the future form of the bust and its size influenced by the presence of the patient has scoliosis or keeled chest – there should heed the recommendations of the surgeon.”

When the surgery is performed correctly, the implant will not contributes, and teardrop-shaped implants to look and feel leave feeling completely natural Breasts.
Как подготовиться к пластике груди, если ты на это решилась

STEP # 2


• EKG (1 month)*

• Chest x-ray or fluorography (1 year)

• General clinical analysis of blood sedimentation rate and leukocyte formula (10 days)

• General urine analysis (10 days)

• Blood group, RH factor

• Biochemical analysis: AST, ALT, glucose, bilirubin indirect, total bilirubin, urea, albumin, creatinine, total protein, iron, triglycerides, chloride, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, sodium, calcium (10 days)

• Coagulation: prothrombin Quick, INR, fibrinogen, APTT, thrombin time (10 days)

• HIV, hepatitis b and C, syphilis (3 months)

• Breast ultrasound (for patients with operations on the breast (for 3 months) or mammography (6 months)

• General practitioner on admission to surgery

*the time that valid analysis

Как подготовиться к пластике груди, если ты на это решилась

STEP # 3


If you are taking medication, it is necessary to speak with the surgeon and anesthesiologist in advance. Taking anti-depressants or hormones associated with thyroid dysfunction, for example, is not a contraindication for mammoplasty, but there are some medicines which the doctor will ask you to cancel before the surgery. If possible, at least a month before going under the knife, you need to quit Smoking because tobacco addiction has a negative impact on the regeneration of tissues, and the process of healing can be significantly delayed.

If you are not a happy owner of the bed with lifting headboard before surgery buy some pillows to get plastic surgery you will be comfortable to sit on. Due to the fact that sleeping on the stomach is impossible, it would be nice to get a special pillow like the one which is used by pregnant women.

Как подготовиться к пластике груди, если ты на это решиласьMake sure in advance that at least the first two weeks after surgery, you could allow yourself a complete rest. You have a small child? Agree with someone from relatives, ready to sit with him. Wash the Windows and lifting weights is also contraindicated, it may interfere with the healing of stitches.

If you are planning to lose weight, it is best to do this before the operation – a significant reduction in weight after mammoplasty can worsen the appearance of the Breasts. The operation is in the morning. Yesterday evening after 19:00 is better not to eat and not to consume drugs that contain aspirin. Drinking the liquid is not prohibited.

STEP # 4


Natalia Voynich, the founder of the brand gauze dressings Native:

“Most of the postoperative lingerie picks the surgeon. But it happens that girls are prepared in advance for surgery and come to us for clothes. Tops are matched to chests. This place should be elastic, not preventing the respiratory movements of the chest, but at the same time quite tight and support the Breasts.

Bra with implant stabilizer (tight-elastic band to fix the position of the upper pole of the implant) can be adjusted according to the size of the breast so as to limit her mobility for up to 4 weeks – the period of formation of the capsule around the implant. Linen is worn from four to eight weeks in the postoperative period. It can be removed for a short time for washing and hygienic procedures. It is desirable to have two sets to minimize the period of stay without him.”