How to organize the workplace the lover of hand-made

Как организовать рабочее место любителю hand-made

If you talk with the exhibitors of hand-made, it appears that very few professionals in special education. Not everyone can boast of even studying at the art school. Most artists, accountants, managers, doctors, teachers, engineers — people from many different professions.

Как организовать рабочее место любителю hand-made

Not so important, what do you have the basic creativity always has a place in life. It makes life full, reveals new facets of a personality. Many masters say: “Sew the doll (knit, roll, glue, etc) — and relax the soul”. This holiday makes you happy and the wizard, and someone who acquires one of his works — a real miracle of creativity.

U Muz difficult character, inspiration depends largely on the context in which the artist works. Illuminating idea requires an immediate realization, and therefore all tools and materials should be at hand. Handyman needed their own space. Ideally, it is a workshop, a room, or at least part of the room, who are always ready to work. The ability to organize a separate space is not at all, but comfortable and beautiful working space can be created in the most straitened circumstances. Here are a few recommendations.

  • Lighting. Meticulous and delicate work it is very much easier on the eyes. Consider several scenarios of illumination: top day (not cold) light, a bright Desk lamp for spot lights and a few bulbs to primako, which is useful for taking pictures of the finished masterpieces or stages of their creation.

  • The storage of materials, tools and works. This is the most important part of organizing space. And the greater the number of systems and formats, the better: shelves and drawers, large boxes with compartments and small boxes. Many people store the tools on the special panel: wall mounted perforated sheet framework and hooks for hanging tools are placed arbitrarily, as convenient to the master. So many tools are always visible and do not take up space on the desktop and in the cupboards. Be sure to take care shelves for storing unfinished and finished works.

  • Mood Board or “inspiration Board”. Magic creative mood for any master. This is usually a cork or magnetic surface, which attach sketches, photographs, sketches, samples of materials, fittings and decor. On mudbone convenient to make photo collages or simulate the future of the product.

  • Desk. Its height should match the height, so you don’t have to strain and overload the back. The surface is better to choose a durable and washable coating. The chair will be ideal if it has the adjustable seat height and backrest angle.

  • The printing technique. A great help to all masters of handmade and some of them — and all the basic tool. It can be used to create posters and postcards, items for collages and decorative panels, drawings and layouts, labels and packaging for the finished work.

  • Choose printers from trusted manufacturers. Experienced consultants will give advice depending on what you need and choose the best option. When purchasing a printer, please note the cost of operation — toner cartridge and refill. Important points — the print speed and the noise level, especially if the workplace is organized at home. Automatic two-sided printing will save paper, and transforming trays — fit technique, even in a small space.