Как сделать уникальный подарок близкому человеку

Everyone wants to make unique, and most importantly a memorable gift to a loved for himself and it does not matter who it is: mom, girl, sister, wife, boss or friend. For each of them, are you ready to try what would make a memorable gift. If you are ready to surprise your loved ones, just call our managers who will gladly assist you.

A gift for the wedding.

As you know a wedding is customary to give worthwhile gifts or money. However, the idea of giving cash is already outdated, and guess what he wants to receive a gift of a newly formed family, and to ask rather unethical. We offer you to choose an original gift that will suit in addition to the main gift, and even as the main gift. Very often as a gift choose floral arrangements that are securely hidden under the glass. We believe that flower arrangement like the heroes of the occasion and the gift itself will occupy a Central place in the house.

Rose in the flask as a gift on birthday

Birthday is the occasion where someone will appear without flowers, just do not understand. If the birthday man, the flowers are usually presented with his wife, mother or daughter (the lady of the house). But agree, it is unpleasant to watch as the flowers wither, and then they just throw. To avoid this, simply buy a rose under the hood, sometimes referred to as colors in a vacuum.

How are the roses in the glass.

Rose in the glass came to us from distant Thailand, where they were made masters and only a few knew the secret of making this gift. However, with the development of technology and other countries have learned to produce roses in a vacuum. Naturally, the original recipe is a secret, but now their production everyone can be engaged, and does not require specific knowledge and materials. For processing you will need glycerin, which ensures the safety of a flower in a few years. Preferably used are large varieties of roses that exceed 10 cm in diameter. The colors are quite different, some companies offer the option to choose the color yourself.

Choosing the right roses in the glass

For choice roses in a glass will suffice only to look at the cost and responsiveness of the seller. If he is confident in the quality of its product, it will allow you to feel the goods under the hood to verify its authenticity. Real rose in glass is absolutely indistinguishable from the natural, which is what the focus manufacturers.