How to make a living room cozier: 5 tips designers

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

Most of their time at home we spend in the living room, which certainly makes it an important part of the house. Today we will tell you how to make this room as comfortable, functional and comfortable not only to you but also your guests.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

Will help to understand this issue, designer Maria Borovskaya.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

Living room is the center of your apartment or house and has many tasks: this is where you welcome guests, gather the whole family to see an interesting film, relax with a Cup of tea, or read your favorite book.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

1. The visual side of the living room

Lounge includes a large number of different functions for each family member or guest. Almost all living rooms set TV, which gathers all the family members. Big screen TV is the universal center of your room.

If your living room is a fireplace, it undoubtedly plays a lesser role. Now the popularity of fireplaces is growing, they acquire various forms, and each can individually pick out a style that will complement your interior.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

Another important part of the living room will be established in her aquarium. This is a real piece of nature in your room. Aquarium brings to your home life, calms and relaxes, while being a beautiful decor. Large exotic fish distract you from stress and make you dream.

There are many elements that will be the center of your living room: paintings, sculptures, design objects and many other options. However, do not cross the line, and have a sense of proportion.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

All of the interior objects, you should choose the one that will most strongly influence the overall assessment of the premises and shall bear his burden of the visual center of the room.

It is worth emphasizing the subject of appropriate and interesting background, so you can visually increase the space around it. This can be done using color, texture walls, a shelving system or design a niche that will strengthen the attention to the visual centre.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

2. Select the center of the living room

Decide in advance what you want to put in your living room before creating a plan.

In small apartments allowed a common mistake is placement of objects on top of each other or very close. The best solution here would be to simply switch one of the items in the unoccupied part of the room or in another room. When placing decorative items so you spoil the impression about them — they won’t look like something special and valuable.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

For example, it happens that the TV is mounted above the fireplace, in the end, you can’t use them simultaneously, and instead of two centers, you get one large, but bland. Using such a design at the same time, you will be distracted on one, then another, is not getting the pleasure has to come from them individually. This applies to all other similar cases: aquarium + TV, sculpture + fireplace aquarium + picture.

The correct location of the elements so that they do not interfere with each other, but only complement and decorate the interior, giving them value and beauty.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

3. Minor elements of the interior

In the living room can not do without the smaller items that, despite its size, is equally important. For example: books, small paintings, photographs, Souvenirs and all other decorative objects. Such elements may also be a good background larger.

As in the case of malls and mini-malls, small objects also can interrupt each other if instructed too tight and often. Treat such things no less responsible than the same TV or a sculpture.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

4. Furniture

Furniture is a good complement to the visual centers, but to its installation should be approached logically. The fireplace would be wise to put a soft chair in which you sit, enjoying the warmth and the sight of fire. In front of the TV or home theater system you can put the sofa and chairs if sofa is not enough for everyone.

It is important to use furniture comfortable, keep in mind that when you do the layout of your living room. Leave passages between objects so you could pass freely from Cabinet to couch watching TV, while not wagging through half of the room, not touching and not pushing other items.

If the living room is combined with dining room, make a clear division of zones — do not place dining table in the sitting room area.

Как сделать гостиную уютнее: 5 советов дизайнеров

5. The refusal of the excess

Use in the arrangement of furniture in living the principle of proportionality — for living rooms in small apartments should choose compact furniture and large sofas and cabinets are best left in country houses. If you have decided to place in the living room, a large object, then position it away from Windows and doors — so it won’t look bulky.

Another tip: for larger living rooms, use a symmetrical arrangement of furniture, and for small — asymmetrical arrangement.

In the living room it is better to abandon the massive high cabinets, replacing them with light shelves, which can be a wonderful element of zoning.

The issue of combination of those or other objects, in any case, remains with the family, which they have to arrange. It all depends on their individual tastes. So create a design that will allow you to enjoy the beauty and comfort of the room is not only you but also your guests.

Thank you for the photos and tips design Studio Mary Bohr.