Как сделать чокер своими руками?

Choker — a short necklace tight to the neck, which is again in fashion. This accessory looks very impressive and can give zest to any outfit, however, not to appear too aggressive, the choker needs to be minimalistic and simple. We offer you to make several options such fashion chokers with their hands.

Как сделать чокер своими руками?

1 option chokers

You will need a metal ring and two leather lace (all of this is easy to find in stores for the needle).

Stages of work:
— cut 2 pieces of cord, about 60 cm each;
— fold one of the pieces and thread through the ring so the other end was in the loop;
— place the loop under the ring as shown in photo;
— then pull the loop back so that it covers the two ends of the cord;
— with power pull the ends of the loop through the loop;
— similarly do the with the second cord;
the neck knot the laces to secure the choker.

Как сделать чокер своими руками?

2 version of the chalker

This option is the choker even easier to manufacture. You will need only a long leather lace and a couple beads for decoration.

Stages of work:
— take a long leather strap (if you want it to be wrapped around the neck about 3 times, you will need about 2 m);
— the tips thread large beads and secure them with knots;
— wrap the choker around the neck twice and loosely tie a knot.

The decoration was very simple, but can look very impressive, try it!

The source of the article in English.