Как живет победитель шоу «Голос.Дети» Рутгер Гарехт The test of glory is often not even adults, to say nothing about children. “StarHit” tells how to cope with it the winner of the fifth season of the project “the First channel” “Voice. Children” Advisor Garecht.
Как живет победитель шоу «Голос.Дети» Рутгер Гарехт

C four years the boy’s life is subordinated to a clear schedule. School, violin, English. After the choreography, gymnastics, singing in his native Orenburg theatre of music and dance “the Nutcracker”. Rutger gets up at 6.30 am and returned home at 21.00, but we still have lessons to do. And so from day to day. But for a young artist such a regime does not seem unusual. “I’m used to the routine, I like to live, not tired!” – he shares.

From childhood

All Garenty – creative people. Mom Larisa Pavlovna teaches in the Nutcracker music education and plays the accordion. Older sisters, Julia and Adele – violin. And dad, sailor retired, though not close to art, love to sing along with the household. Rutger first came on the scene very young at the competition of large families in the Orenburg region. The kid sang the song and, to the surprise of everyone, hit the tune, forgot the text and not afraid of the public.

After a successful performance in 2017 on the festival “Generation NEXT” where Rutger won the special jury prize, his mother and vocal coach Lyudmila Gumerova decided, why not try to get into “the Voice. Children.”

“During a blind listen to me first turned Pelagia, and her other mentors. The first was in turmoil, could not even decide who to go to – says Rutger. But as this gentleman still gave preference to spades.”

His decision was correct. The singer is still the coach of “the Voice” has experienced. “She rehearses as long as you have will not work as it should. Not looking at the clock, and you don’t know when class is done. It is very important not just to correctly sing a song, the main thing – to live it, to experience”, says our hero. This approach brought the boy to victory. But it was not in the competition and without force majeure. The audience do not even know that the song is performed by Rutger “And outside the window the month of may…”, which they loved, and could not sound. The boy had planned a completely different room. But just two days before the show “the First channel” has decided that the composition needs to be changed. On new time almost was not! But here on help came Lyudmila Gumerova. In the hotel room began to teach “And outside the window the month of may…”. Then the teacher flew home, and rehearsals continued on Skype.

The day of the final performances for the boy and his mother began quite casually.

Как живет победитель шоу «Голос.Дети» Рутгер Гарехт“The son is absolutely not worried, and I was worried about how we would not be late from-for the Moscow stoppers, – says Larisa Pavlovna. – Arrived to the site in the morning and the final concert only started at eight in the evening!”

But despite the apparent calm feelings still could not be avoided. When Ruger came on the scene, my mother was not able to join the audience and stayed backstage and watched on a huge monitor that started flickering figures the number of those who voted for the performer. To become the winner of the project Rutger did not even think. “I just wanted people to hear the song “Officers”, – says the winner. – Still can’t believe defeated their opponents don’t understand how this happened. When Yuri Aksyuta presented the statuette, I felt its weight. But the success has not been easy”.

The winners are not judged

At home the young talent was already waiting. At the ramp, Rutger, met the head of the city Yevgeny Arapov and handed gyrometer. But at the airport it was preparing to congratulate the colleagues from the “Nutcracker”. The show was a good school of life for 12-year-old artist.

“During the project I learned to make quick decisions and work for the result,” he says.

To rest on the laurels of the winner are not accustomed to, he has no time for this. During the period that I was in Moscow, a little behind the class is now catching up, writes control. “The school I went to meet him, he was allowed to take everything individually,” says Rutger. After returning from the capital, his life became even more eventful. Already there was a speech at a gala concert in the State Kremlin Palace. Submitted proposals and on the movie business. “I dream to become an artist. I really like the creativity of Sergei Bezrukov and Mikhail Boyarsky. I think I will accept one of the invitations and summer will take part in the filming of the movie. It is supposed to be historical, and it is my favorite genre,” says the boy. A few days ago he arrived from Samara, where together with the “Nutcracker” participated in the dance competition. In the nearest plans – Saint Petersburg, where Rutger will play the role of captain gray in an unprecedented project prom “Scarlet sails”.

“I do not consider myself a star, because I’m nothing special not yet done. Still ahead,” – said Rutger. Million rubles received for winning the contest, the family will split: a portion will give the theater “the Nutcracker”, and the rest will go on development of children.