How to keep husband of Olga Buzovoy and Vasilisa Volodina

Как удержать мужа: правила Ольги Бузовой и Василисы Володиной To know when to shut up, the make your bed and do not feed the husband of yesterday’s borscht. Leading “House-2” Olga Buzova and star of “let’s get married!” Vasilisa Volodina gave readers “StarHit” tips, how to maintain harmony in the family.

      Как удержать мужа: правила Ольги Бузовой и Василисы Володиной

      Olga Buzova

      Leading project “Dom-2” and the heroine of the series “Poor people” on TNT on June 26 will celebrate 4 years of family life with the football team of Russia Dmitry Tarasov. Specifically for the “Stargate” 30-year-old Olga told how to tricks resorted to be the perfect wife.

      “One of the rules – not try to radically change your beloved. Surprised when, after years married people disagree, saying, “We don’t get along.” And than you had thought? It seems to me that you cannot love someone and then tell him, like, you know, I don’t like the way you walk, change it. And don’t cry during the series – it just annoys me. Yes, you can gently ask not to do it, but try to globally change the husband/wife is not worth it.

      It is important to give a man the feeling that he is the main man in your life. I always build our relationship so that Dima understand what he decides so be it. But as it actually is is another question…

      Olga Buzova: “the decree will learn Spanish”

      It is necessary to concede each other. When we started to live together, sometimes could not come to a common denominator, arguing. My mom taught me: “You may think differently, but why fight about this? Why not accept the point of view of each other, while not agreeing”. Since for me this is one of the key rules.

      Do not swear on trifles – scattered socks and unwashed dishes. Although I myself am not without sin… Dima leaves the boots on the base, but somehow brought them home. I go to the dressing room, you feel that something is wrong (footballers wives will understand me)… And I saw shoes on the floor! I said, “Dima, I beg you, take them out!” And he even did not understand: “What is it?”
      Как удержать мужа: правила Ольги Бузовой и Василисы Володиной

      Your family life will become a chore, bring in an element of a game. I love to arrange such amenities. Cooked Breakfast for my husband, put on the table, and next attached a note: “Breakfast king”. It included fresh juice, yogurt with chocolate chips, hot sandwiches with sausage and cheese, tea with lemon and sugar, eclairs.

      It seems to me that marriage need not be jealous of each other. I always come home with flowers – give them to me at work. Dima refers to this with understanding: knows that I will never allow myself to accept attentions from other men. It’s stupid when a woman gets a boyfriend with the purpose to annoy the wife. The third person in the relationship is superfluous.

      You should not forgive betrayal. I can’t imagine that the husband preferred me another. I’m not one of those women who will be to blame for this lover – like, she seduced him. Then all the questions should be to the man. There’s nothing worse than infidelity, and I don’t understand people who are able to forget that. Dima and I’m afraid to lose each other, so cheating in our case is excluded.


      Как удержать мужа: правила Ольги Бузовой и Василисы Володиной

      Volodina and her husband Sergey together more than 20 years. A year ago the couple had a second child, a son Vyacheslav. TV presenter shared with the “Stricom” secrets of family well-being.

      “Of course, sometimes we quarrel, but the word “divorce” did not sound never. Strong pair – not always people with the same opinion. My husband and I have different views on many things, but it’s not moderates love to each other. I believe that the basic quality necessary for comfortable family life, is patience. I want to say a sharp word – exhale and count to 10. Before tough to answer text messages – you can delete and think about 20 minutes. Don’t mince words.

      Have often heard the question, not what a husband can do for me and what I can do for the family? Need to hear criticism at a time when it becomes hard and unpleasant, and only when a person hints at the fact that he is not satisfied. Important marriage in tact. That many have forgotten. Some men at work to the lady serving coat, and its never.

      Spouse way of life is desirable not to load. We with Sergey have agreed that everyone does as much as can. Of course, I am not able to do sometimes without his help. But not his soul, not sawing. Husband is very economic. Sometimes even annoys me that he places too much emphasis on the home. All questions or solves with invited specialists, or myself. But most importantly – sees the problem. I could see my way understand how important it is in any case to get my husband the food – mood you’re in or not. Not because he asked. The ability to take responsibility and to another it does not make the brain – an important quality in a marriage.

      Watch phone is not a spouse is a decision for another person. You’re the boss can’t get on mobile to check who he’s looking for on your site. It is another matter how it is hidden. My husband and cell are always kept in prominent places. And I’m sure he’ll never take mine without asking. Sometimes, messages come, and I mess around with my son – I ask Sergei to read when you need to quickly respond.

      People who live together for 20 years, it makes no sense to refresh the relationship one-time date. The maximum that they will receive three hours of pleasant pastime. No need to invent. Just take regular outputs with the family to the theatre, restaurant. That there was a variety.

      Another point, is it worth doing the interests of your husband. One of them wants to be a wife was separate and not interfere, to another, that went to his party and headed it. That’s what I tell people who ask me for advice. The same with jealousy. Depends on the man. I remember that the last couple of months before the birth was a terrible owner. Before such was not. Fretting, on the cards wondered. At heart understood, that all this nonsense. I believe that always it is necessary to trust“.

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