How to help Vasily Stepanov?

Чем помочь Василию Степанову? Reading an interview today with Vasily Stepanov (the surge of media interest due to an accident with the actor), I, to put it mildly, was surprised. Some journalists Vasily complained that he was sick after the photo shoot by their “StarHit”.

      “I talked Malakhov and his journal, they told me the Church was photographed, stripped to the waist, and the money for it I received. Finally got to the hospital and treated for their money”, – said Vasily.

      A film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island”, where the main role was played by Stepanov, came out eight years ago. No social networking, cover with actors appeared very rarely, but we decided to maintain a capable guy.

      Remember when Vasily spoke, drank tea in the hotel Hyatt (that celebrity whose interview, pay for taxis, no journalist, believe me, don’t even think). Then the actor took part in our popular “dream Man”, and that filming also took place not on the street and in the Studio.

      Today, we are very sorry Vasily Stepanov (dropped out of the window, he received severe fractures), and if he needs help, the editors of the “StarHit” always ready to provide it.