Как не поправитьcя в новогоднюю ночь: овощной рецепт от Ирины Нельсон
Delicious hot appetizer for the holiday table.

Irene Nelson

Photo: Predostavlena I. Nelson

Irene Nelson even new year’s eve does not violate the principles of its power: it is already many years a vegetarian. The soloist of group “Reflex” sure “festive Christmas table vegetarians may
to be just as original and varied as the table of a meat eater. From Italy I brought back the recipe of delicious hot snack that looks delicious and will decorate your Christmas table.

I take two peppers-yellow and green. Cut them into halves, cleaned of seeds. Grease the inside of each
halves with olive oil and a little sprinkle with salt. 4 tomatoes cut in half and put those halves in peppers cut up. Culinary
brush to coat the tomatoes with olive oil and sprinkle with dried Basil (a teaspoon is enough). Spread peppers
on a baking sheet coated with cooking parchment, and put in the oven on a high heat (250 degrees). Bake 10-15 minutes: check the readiness of the peppers with a toothpick — they must be easy
to protectice”.