How to get along with Pugacheva: revelations girlfriend Diva

Как ужиться с Пугачевой: откровения подруги Примадонны

Birthday best friend Diva opened the story of their acquaintance.

Alina Redel and Alla Pugacheva are constantly together on all holidays and even when traveling. The birthday of Alina, which she noted, as always, with my best friend, “Antenna” asked the birthday girl what, in her opinion, the secret of female friendship.

— Friends are different, and sometimes a snake with a snake pretty well. And we with Alla in 36 years never had a fight! — admitted Alina Ivanovna. — I remember the day we met. I had a friend from St. Petersburg, Tanya, it seems, was called, who talked with Sergei Mikhalkov. We sat with her in the restaurant “Beijing”, she says: “I Resnick the parcel for Pugacheva gave, let’s carry”. I agreed. Go to Alla, she meets us in her robe, this home. Sat, chatted, and I suddenly said, “now come to me.” But Alla then a star was, “harlequin,” I sang to her so to trust a stranger was difficult. But, as she told me years later was told she had the feeling that Allah knows me for many years. And so I agreed.

That day I went to my cottage and never leave. What is our friendship? Is mutual understanding, respect and love not only each other but also to family members, care for them, understanding lifestyles each other, patience, the ability not to envy and to want only good, mutual. And most importantly – no matter what happens, you have to believe that a friend is doing the right thing, and accept it for what it is.