How to force yourself to go to the workout: expert advice on fitness

Как заставить себя пойти на тренировку: советы эксперта по фитнесу Soon the street will become warmer and you can remove the heavy jackets inflated in the far corner of the wardrobe. However, clothing designed for spring and summer can barely zip up because you ate in excess. In addition to a balanced diet, is to go to the gym to take shape dreams.
Как заставить себя пойти на тренировку: советы эксперта по фитнесу

After the winter it is very difficult to force myself to gather strength and to go to the gym. Soon, however, will have to wear a light and tight things, under which it will be difficult to hide the extra inches and gained during the winter pounds. The most important thing is to find the motivation to exercise. Radio and television presenter and expert in the field of fitness Edward Kanevsky gave a few tips on how to activate the subscription f the gym and start exercising regularly.

“For starters, you need to decide for yourself why you really need exercise. If you want a flat stomach and toned muscles, but laziness, lack of time, lack of discipline all the time put an end to regular classes, try to motivate yourself that exercise is good for health” – suggests the expert readers “StarHit”.

If a person suffers from excess weight, it is necessary to think about physical exertion. “Together with regular exercise you will start to lose weight and change the shape by increasing muscle mass,” adds Kanevsky.

Psychological method of visualization will help you imagine the shape and form of dreams.

“It is important that the goal must be real. What is the meaning to dream to become Schwarzenegger, if you last ten years, anything heavier than a pen in the hand not holding? It is also important to be aware that quick results do not happen. If you have a dozen or more extra pounds, do not expect that they will melt as fast as snow melts under the warm March sun,” advises Edward.

Как заставить себя пойти на тренировку: советы эксперта по фитнесу

Kanevsky advises not to hurry, because the slower you are to the target, the more it is likely that the weight will be fixed, and the muscles become strong.

“For the first month of training you can lose 5-7 pounds of excess weight, but most importantly, just start to feel better. Perhaps, it will be a great motivation for regular exercise,” concluded the expert.