How to easily buy an apartment anywhere in the world? Entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience Mikhail Mitrofanov shared his knowledge.

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How to easily buy an apartment anywhere in the world?

Guarantee of fair transactions

Fraud in real estate is not uncommon today, so every buyer seeks to obtain a guarantee of the legality of the transaction. Searching for properties using this aggregator eliminates such risks, since all agents and developers undergo multi-level verification before posting an ad.

In addition, the company's experts are always ready to provide free consultation if users have any questions. The portal regularly publishes materials with updates regarding the legal system, exchange rates and other important nuances.

For investment and more

Many people consider purchasing real estate not only for the purpose of investment, but also for moving to another country, obtaining a residence permit and citizenship. In this case, the aggregator will help you choose the best housing option in the country and inform you about the intricacies of concluding a deal.
“For each user, we select individual materials for e-mail distribution and publish in them information and innovations relevant to the country of interest. This allows our clients to always stay up to date and avoid many mistakes when obtaining a residence permit, citizenship or when searching for a management company,” says entrepreneur Mikhail Mitrofanov.

So, MAVATO is a responsible assistant in the search for real estate. The service not only facilitates the process, but also guarantees honesty and provides expert assistance so that the purchase goes through as quickly as possible and with minimal risks.

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