How to deal with difficult child: are methods that parents do not realize

Как поладить с трудным ребенком: методы, о которых родители не догадываются What to do if your children to cheat or steal? We tried to understand children’s psychology and to identify a number of important points. Experts are sure that the child’s behavior depends on what model of education chooses his family.
Как поладить с трудным ребенком: методы, о которых родители не догадываются

The child is rude and steals money? Psychologist Viktor Ponomarenko told how to deal with children’s vices. So, if the child…


What to do? Rudeness is a form of protest and severe manifestation of the conflict, saying that the child was disappointed in adults. He does not see the face of parents and teachers assistants, and thinks that those impose their will, based only on your age. Snapping the little man gives the signal that he is bad, because happy children are not rude.


Just tell him: “Stop being rude to me”, so to drive his aggression inside. The child also can begin to blackmail – for example, not to play video games if he yelled at you, but it came to nothing lead.
Как поладить с трудным ребенком: методы, о которых родители не догадываются

Gifts for good behavior, too, will not save the situation. Exit here one – it is necessary to start to put before the child feasible tasks. For example, you are traveling out of town – ask your son along with you to collect firewood for the campfire. Or charge of the daughter to sew a loose button – will see how it will inspire the fact that she, as an adult, have entrusted such an important matter.


What to do? Lying children are divided into several types. There are dreamers, the writing of which is quite harmless. They do not have to stop – maybe this child will grow up a writer. But if the son is lying, he’s lost his money, and looked forward to receiving from you a hundred rubles, so you need to stop. If the son or daughter is telling you the truth, it just means that you don’t trust. So you brought the wrong child, thrashed and punished, instead of listening and give advice, or lean-face said, “And I warned you!”, when a child waiting for support.

To correct the situation will help only talk. The daily attempts to engage with the heir to the conversation, ask him about his problems and offer to solve them – here is your key to success. Yes, to trust you will begin not immediately, but there is no other way. Water, as you know, wears away the stone. Fed attention, a month later the child will stop lying.


Как поладить с трудным ребенком: методы, о которых родители не догадываются

What to do? The child refuses to study, when it all turns out. Reluctance to sit for notebooks does not mean that he is lazy, and merely says that he had problems with one or more items. He literally physically painful to look in the book and did not understand, so he tries to avoid contact with the books. To correct the situation will help the Tutors or you yourself, if you understand the subject.

In addition, children need regime, lessons should be done daily at the same time. Student need a workspace, not just the edge of the dining table. If there is no possibility to arrange it at home, agree with the teachers, he engaged in the school library.


Как поладить с трудным ребенком: методы, о которых родители не догадываются

What to do? The desire to control you said about the lack of parental attention. Sometimes, I come to mom and dads whose child tried to commit suicide, and complain, they say, what he lacked? In the past six months, three times I was abroad… to Me such arguments are angered because in most cases they say that parents try a variety of benefits to replace his part in Chad’s life.

With a child it is extremely important to do everything together. Even if you entrusted him with the service, in any case, in that moment, when he’s vacuuming, don’t lie on the couch, it does not auger well between you friendship.

But don’t make him a dummy: “Hold the screwdriver, hold the mixer”. May also works! You will see how he will rejoice when he succeeds.


What to do? Picking fights children who have not found the centre of his power. If the child is not the best in math class, or not well respected among his peers as the best player in the yard, he will find where to show leadership. Then go to your fists… But he is not happy to fight. However, it is not enough to say that he stopped beating the other, the aggressor must offer an alternative so he can stay in the forefront. Give him a chance to become an important, without using force!

Watch him, find out what talents he has. Maybe he understands the technology? Then send him to the circle of programmer… Or likes to listen to music? Then maybe he should learn to play the guitar.


What to do? And why on earth to do something? Greed – a sense of inner order, it should not be eradicated. Another conversation that it can prevent social contacts, simply put, a child because of his skuperdyaystvo will cease to be friends. So you need to explain that to just anyone, of course, toys do not have to give, but with Masha that you have been friends for six months, and you can share it.

Baby is important to his property was in safe and sound, so it is important for you to convince the kid that his car or a scooter won’t hurt. And not to worry that he’s getting greedy, it says only that he be a wealthy man. Is it bad?