Как создать уютную ванную комнату

Few people consider the bathroom a full room, where you should carefully consider the design. However, this is where you can afford to retire, relax and rest.

Как создать уютную ванную комнату

Designer of luxury interiors Hope the laško will try to convince you that a bathroom can become a favorite place in the house, telling how to give it a special atmosphere in simple ways.

Как создать уютную ванную комнату


The easiest and effective way to make the bathroom more comfortable — change textiles. This applies not only expensive towels, robes, and carpets but. By the way, interesting rug in the bathroom will be the sheepskin. It repels moisture and well washed in a regular machine.

If your bathroom has a window, then decorate them with the beautiful, but dense fabrics. It will also make the room cozier and softer.

If you desire to hang curtains in the bathroom no, the window glue film with a picture or to close them with decorative grilles with perforation. So in the interior of the bathroom will be fun to play sunlight.

Как создать уютную ванную комнату

Bathroom-living room

Sounds unusual, but in the bathroom it is appropriate to look furniture. This bold decision will give the interior comfort, chic and personality. If such radical changes you are ready, place a rocking chair.

Как создать уютную ванную комнату


The bathroom is a room for tranquility. Therefore, the colors here should be appropriate. White, beige is the standard color for the bathroom interior. But gray or blue may be too dark for living quarters, but in the bathroom they will create a peaceful and intimate atmosphere.

Как создать уютную ванную комнату


If we consider the bathroom as a room, then pay attention to the decor. Appropriate here will look paintings, original mirrors, stylish ornament.

Как создать уютную ванную комнату

Nice stuff

When using design techniques you have created the perfect bathroom interior, don’t forget about the little things that create the mood of your interior. A glass of wine, interesting book, aromatic candles, bath salts — all these nice little things must be at hand. To do this, think about storage, table and mobile stand-shelf.

Considering all these details, believe me, you will fall in love with your bathroom! Have a nice stay!

Thank you for advice and illustration designer Nadezhda laško.

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