Как создавалось свадебное платье Меган Маркл за полмиллиона долларов Luxury wedding dress for bride Prince Harry sewed dozens of people over several months. Designer Claire white Keller told the journalists about the stages of work on the image of a star of the TV series “suits” Meghan Markle.
Как создавалось свадебное платье Меган Маркл за полмиллиона долларов

Last weekend took place one of the most talked-about events in the world – the wedding American actress Meghan Markle and Britain’s Prince Harry. How the lovers come to the altar, watched by millions of people from different countries. Foreign journalists have estimated that the luxury triumph cost the Royal family of 45 million dollars. This amount is almost twice the cost of the wedding ceremony of William and Kate Middleton.

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The main item of expenditure were the security, the food and the robe of the bride of the brand Givenchy. Gorgeous dress Megan Markle from the double-silk as well as outfits for bridesmaids, created a team of 50 people for four months. It is known that it cost a $ 550 thousand. British designer Claire white Keller, head of the French fashion house, gave an interview in which he talked about how to create the image of lady of the British Prince.

“I hoped to make a modern dress because Megan is a real, very warm, strong woman. Part of the simplicity and freshness of this dress – a double silk,” shared creative Director of the brand.
Как создавалось свадебное платье Меган Маркл за полмиллиона долларов

Meghan Markle is a reason I decided to apply it to Claire white Keller. The fact that fashion is a feminist and actively fight for the idea of gender equality. White Keller became the first woman appointed to the post of creative Director of French fashion house. Making an order with Claire, the actress has publicly supported women designers.

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“I think Megan admired the fact that I’m a woman designer and have worked in many companies, British and foreign. Still, perhaps influenced by the fact that I’m a working mother,” – said the designer.
Как создавалось свадебное платье Меган Маркл за полмиллиона долларов

The veil darling Prince Harry embroidered plants-symbols of the 53 member-countries of the British Commonwealth. Megan immediately endorsed the idea of a designer. And when I saw the end result, was delighted.

Claire came to the aid of the actress before the ceremony in St George’s chapel. The designer helped with the Ironing of the dress and adjusting a 16-foot veil. According to the woman, she does not see in such work nothing bad. “I just wanted Megan looked amazing,” said white Keller. Claire had to be nervous, but in the end everything went like clockwork.

“It was a very emotional day. When it works, it’s just amazing. Megan was beaming with happiness and was incredibly calm,” said the designer.

For the hair, Megan was responsible stylist Serge Normant, who worked with Julia Roberts and Amal Clooney. According to him, the fiancee of British Prince was very calm and talked a lot. Norment claims that it took him only 45 minutes for styling hair.

Prince Harry was amazed when he saw his bride walking to the altar. The heir to the Royal throne personally approached the designer to thank her. “He said, “Oh my God, she looks amazing,” shared Claire. The designer also admitted that he is very proud of the work done.