How to choose your first sneakers Converse

Как правильно выбрать свои первые кеды Converse

Converse is not just shoes, for many, this iconic sneakers, the embodiment of freedom and independence, the trend of several generations. And although this quality of shoes price per pair is acceptable, disappointing the first time to buy Converse sneakers and not wear them due to an improperly chosen size and model. Going to the store? Spend three minutes on a few tips that will eliminate your bug at purchase.

How to choose Converse sneakers are the perfect size:

1. Always measure both of the boot. Each person size left and right foot a little (or a lot) different. Don’t underestimate the difference!

2. To measure only in the evening or in the afternoon. Lyuaya foot slightly swells and increases in the end of the day, and if you bought a converse in the morning, then in the evening they begin to frustrating to press and RUB.

3. Do not be lazy to stand up and walk, under your weight, the foot will increase, and you will immediately feel where the Shoe presses. Don’t think that will be able to post a little cramped shoes, it is not leather and not sneakers, durable cotton does not have the property to expand! With Converse, this story does not take place.

4. No free sneakers “under toe,” the heel of the chucks specially made tight, because it will RUB, if the foot will “walk” in Keda.

If you order in the online store, measure (correctly!) the length of your foot. To do this, put in tight to the wall on the floor a sheet of white paper and step on it close to the wall. Mark the location of the thumb, the distance from the edge to the end of the thumb — your actual foot length. American and European size chart focus on this figure with step only half an inch. So it is better if it is possible to order two sizes to try on, one half a centimeter more. Non-round numbers always increase in a big way, 23, 2 cm should be rounded to 23.5 — 37 Russian size.

Before buying, always make a visual inspection of the quality of the sneakers. The first signs of forgery are traces of adhesive, a discontinuous stitching, not a single “opening” rubberized nose. There are still many signs of forgery, but to get acquainted with them, you’ll at special sites.

If you choose the shoes for the summer, and going to school, working, it is better to take non-staining color. Now available a lot of leather chucks that are easy to clean, they do not need a long time to dry after washing, and most importantly — they are safe to walk in the rain.