How to choose tile for bathroom

Как выбрать плитку для ванной комнаты

Finishing materials for bathroom must meet several basic requirements. It is crucial that they were:

  • Water resistant;
  • Durable;
  • Lightweight (so as not to crumble under its own weight in a few weeks);
  • Eco-friendly (the bathroom person spends at least 30-60 minutes a day);
  • Sound insulation (the neighbors were not aware of your schedule of water treatments);
  • Anti-slip (especially on the floor);
  • Resistant to infection by fungus, insects, bacteria.

Как выбрать плитку для ванной комнаты

With all this I would like to finish a bathroom pleasing to the eye and meets the highest aesthetic standards, cheaper cost of an airplane wing and was available at any hardware store or online, and not just for a single warehouse on the outskirts of, say, Kuwait.

The best option is tile for the bathroom. It is fully consistent with the indicated conditions plus do not require special care, rich in shapes, colors and textures, easy to assemble and fits perfectly in any interior style.

What to pay attention

Even in the best shop you can come across a defective product, and not because someone wants you to cheat, and it is physically impossible to manually check each one for compliance to standards.

So carefully watch what you are buying. So that should alert you:
— Cracks, bumps, chips. Of course, in the case where it is not part of the design.
Color differences between tiles of the same batch (again, if this is not the idea of the artist).
— Jagged edges, especially friable.

How not to be mistaken with the number

That is the question. Buy too much is to throw money to the wind, because no matter how sliderui the rest, still beat, some part is lost, some tiles will go bad from improper storage. Buy little — to condemn himself to more running around the shops (and this collection is over, and you need to order it, but minimum quantity is 15 cubic meters…) and easy maintenance crews.

Use the following algorithm:
1. Carefully obmerte bathroom (or rather, what will be lined — floor, walls, apron, etc.).
2. Google the words “calculator tile” and click on any of the dropped link.
3. Enter the parameters of your premise and record the result.
4. Repeat the procedure two or three different sites, calculate the arithmetic mean.
5. Add to it another 10% — that was a reserve in case of errors during installation and a number of tiles “under cleavage” (to decorate the corners and “bypass” valves and other irregularities of the landscape in the bathroom).


• Don’t skimp unnecessarily. Cheap tile won’t last as long, and it means that soon you will not only have to buy a new batch, but additionally to pay workers, to purchase the glue and consumables, etc.
• Look at the manufacturer. No wonder the Italians are the best exporters of tiles — this reputation is confirmed by the really high quality of their products. This does not mean that in Russia do not know how the tile — however, we must understand what to take. For example, in the online store Junomart presented only the best domestic and foreign brands, on this website we can safely choose any collection purchase will be successful.
• Pre-plan design — you can consult with a professional designer or just browse through online catalogs of interior bathrooms. Remember that the smaller the tile, the harder it is to put her down, but the result is highly artistic murals (especially have to take a mosaic).

We have deliberately left out the issue of texture and color (it’s a matter of personal taste), laying methods (professionals know all this, and fans will not be useful), focusing on quality. Hopefully, now the choice of ceramic tiles for bathroom not constitute the slightest difficulty!

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