Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

Actually there are no clear laws that if followed would be to choose the color of the countertops. The most important thing is that she didn’t look superfluous or out of place element in your kitchen. In other words, the top must fit into the combination kitchen and facades. To exclude a possible error simply compare between the samples of countertops and facades from the catalog. In order to accelerate the procedure of selection of the color scheme, it is better to determine the appropriate tone and to avoid going through all the samples in a row. Solutions mass, and each of them has the right to life. Here there are no extremes of good or bad — you need to choose the one that “liking” to You specifically.

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1. Choose a color of countertop for kitchen
1.1. Neutral color: beige, black, wood, white, grey
1.2. Color top color for kitchen
1.3. Surface for two-tone kitchen
2. Tips on color selection countertops for kitchen


Choose a color of countertop for kitchen

Neutral color countertops for the kitchen: beige, black, wood, white, grey

For white kitchen units is well suited to the surface a neutral tone, his appearance resembling wood or stone. For a bright kitchen prefer cold shades: gray or black. In the case to disguise the wood is also better to choose light colors. As the dark-colored tree will become to suppress white kitchen set, and he might lose most of their subtlety.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

how to choose for the kitchen countertop color

Set for the kitchen in beige tones, on the contrary, to combine with a countertop similar to dark chocolate or wood façades on its background will acquire a creamy colour and will become even more appetizing and tender.

The kitchen is beige or white tones it is logical to ennoble identical or nearest color of the countertop. This decision will help to preserve the visual weightlessness of the white kitchen, as well as its tenderness and ease. And will add feminine features.

With a surface of dark tones, on the contrary, it is possible to make the light in kitchen brutal. It will highlight the brightness of the facades, and contribute to the kitchen area the contrast is striking. For beige headset, as we wrote above, it is optimal to choose the color of countertops with dark wood and white for kitchen tone is better to take a black surface.

Black color countertop for white headset — this is an elegant solution with many fans. Looks like these pieces of furniture are very stylish and rich.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

To determine the color of the countertop for beige or white kitchen can help with the following caveat: it is necessary to take into account a kitchen apron. If You select all the items and the countertop, and an apron, and fronts, bright colors, the overall look will look blurred, because the objects will merge and I will lose the clarity of outlines. If You opted for the surface bright colors, you can create either contrast or at least eye-catching apron. In the case of pre-made bright apron, you can combine it better with a dark counter top.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

Kitchen black tones is not recommended to Supplement the top dark-colored headsets will turn out too dark for the kitchen area. If You like this combination, choose bright apron. Otherwise everything will look like a blur.

White countertop with black facade is one of the best options. And return decision — white outfit and a dark top.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

Along with this, black kitchen furniture can be combined with a surface that mimics the texture of light wood (I will add dark room of comfort) or natural stone (will make the visual expensive).

Headset with gray facades complement the gray, white and black tops. Look good tops mimic marble or other natural stone achromatic colors.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

For the Headset having the texture of wood is good to choose white, cream and wood countertops. The combination with black countertop allowed, but it is quite risky. If You are the owner of an expensive kitchen furniture made of solid, you can Supplement it with stone countertops the right color and texture.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

The following solution sets for neutral tone — colored countertops. Option is certainly not very common, but very effective. Excellent base for colour countertops will serve as white facades. Bright top will make a bright environment contrast and dynamics.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

Color countertops for color kitchen

Usually colored headsets combine with tops in neutral colors, such as: “wood”, beige, white marble, sometimes black.

You must take into account the hue saturation headset. With “warm” tones of the facades (red, yellow, orange, etc.) will combine well cream and brown countertop.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

With cold fronts (green, blue, pink and purple) good will look top in grey and marble hues.

The white color of the countertop will be spectacular in any case. It should be noted that top light will create a gentle and elegant kitchen, dark and brutal.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

Countertop color for kitchen

Today, popular dishes, the Design of which consists of two colors: one is in the top row, second to the bottom. In this case, to combine the countertop? If the kitchen furniture combines two neutral colors, the color of the countertops often close to the upper facades and the contrast with the bottom.

For example, for the headset with the design of “white top — black bottom” optimum countertop white tones. In the kitchen all is quiet and harmonious. Similarly, with cream and brown units.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

It does not matter that the top was one pitch from the top tier. For countertops you can choose the average between the tone of a bottom and top shade: For example, the color of the countertops light chocolate good company cabinets — wenge and cream hanging lockers.

Also have the right to life, and other options. It is possible to choose the appropriate tone of the lower tier. Here You need to decide what color scheme you may prefer.

If the kitchen agreed spectral and neutral tones, the top should not dominate. Countertop need to take cream, light marble, white, beige or grey depending on the colors of the facades. In addition, the color of a wall can be identical to the lower tier. Better if the “apron” will not be allocated. Here is ruled by the facades!

Tips on color selection countertops for kitchen

If You have any doubts about which shade to choose, you can use a universal solution is a white and gray countertops. If You have the kitchen installed appliances in black or white, install white surface. The technique metal ideal gray tone. These solutions will allow you to obtain a harmonious result.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

When the solution set in set black, gray, or white “stolichka” can not select the pure tone. Pay attention to various examples of the texture of stone having a coarse or fine fraction. To delete a color will look visually plain, but when you are closer it will be to arouse interest with its texture. In addition, this surface will not be visible to various defects and debris.

If You often cook, then before purchasing white or light cream top, well, you weigh. A darker color countertop, and an imitation stone texture, really helps the hostess.

Как подобрать цвет столешницы для кухни

Any bright object visually seems larger. So if You are the owner of a small kitchen, light countertops will visually to overload it. The dark color of the countertop gives it a compact, but strongly absorbs the light flux, and in small buildings often don’t. Consequently, a compromise option would be not very bright, but not very dark solution.

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