How to choose a worthy company for repair of apartments in St. Petersburg?

Как выбрать достойную компанию для ремонта квартир в Санкт-Петербурге?

Ordinary citizens and representatives of businesses who need to make repairs, are unable to clearly navigate the market of construction services. Because even the high price does not always mean high quality services. In construction, as in many areas of activity, often a large sum of the agreement means only the popular and advertised brand because paid advertising money needs to be returned. And this is done through customer services.

Как выбрать достойную компанию для ремонта квартир в Санкт-Петербурге?

“Rimprovero” is a group of like-minded, well knowing the intricacies of the organization and carrying out repair and finishing works. The company has hundreds of completed projects for various purposes (from finishing the usual apartments to exclusive designs of real estate). They will help to deal with the issue of selecting the appropriate construction company.

The criteria affecting the total cost of the repair

Often uneducated people can not understand, what is the price of repair of apartments and public premises. Each company offers its own terms, which can easily be confusing to a layman. Even the same list of items can cost differently. Then customers decide to arrange the repairs yourself and make a lot of mistakes.

Typically, the repair for the people comparable with indescribable problems of a personal nature. It is necessary to consider all the details:

  • What specialist to choose?

  • What materials to choose?

  • Where to order design of the room?

  • How to deliver purchased building and finishing materials?

  • How to calculate what and how much you need for a particular perimeter of the square?

And most of the laymen in these matters not only tired mentally and physically, but also wasting their money. Because:

  • first, we need to find a reliable place of purchase, where it suddenly ends need finishing the material;

  • second, it must be satisfied with the price, because the repair of the premises requires a significant investment of funds, should not be that have enough money only for one type of finish, it requires a comprehensive approach;

  • third, regardless of the cost, the material should be of high quality because the use of uncertified fakes can threaten health and cause unnecessary costs, funds for paying workers and resolving defects.

Как выбрать достойную компанию для ремонта квартир в Санкт-Петербурге?

Not to get into a situation where, say, bought a lot of decorative plaster and the flooring does not have enough money, you should contact specialized companies. This will help not to worry about the delivery of negligent suppliers and control the production process, ordering the repair of commercial and residential premises.

The problem of order of services to specialized companies

In case of any problems with the quality of work or forfeit on terms, an organization dedicated to comprehensive services, takes full responsibility and eliminates the defects or making a discount on the overall cost estimated at the output of the normalized graph. This should not be receive when you order service company engaged in narrow repair.

For example, ordering three services in different companies (repair rooms, one with construction organization, installation of window blocks and balcony doors — to the other, and the insulation of the balconies in the third), there is no chance that they agree with each other and will perform all the work qualitatively and in time. In the case of force majeure, each team will be hard to prove her guilt, because nobody wants to redo work at his own expense, or to lose a certain amount of cash with the penalty.

The construction company will take care of everything!

Как выбрать достойную компанию для ремонта квартир в Санкт-Петербурге?

In a major construction company customer is provided with a full range of services in the following areas:

  • the design on the conceptual features of the room and wishes of the client;

  • selection of quality materials from trusted suppliers;

  • purchase and delivery of roughing, finishing and supplies at lower prices, individually seemingly permanent partners building organization.

  • quality control and timeliness of work performed;

  • the object delivery to the customer turnkey.

Project managers (usually the designer and foreman) strictly control the deadlines, responsibly perform the tasks, the time value of clients and take seriously our reputation, so ensure precise execution of commitments.

Contact “Rimprovero”, you will learn what a real service

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