How to choose a window for a country house, cottage or Villa?

Как выбрать окно для загородного дома, коттеджа или дачи?

The choice of Windows for a country house — a process which should be approached responsibly. What details and features you need to consider when choosing Windows says the expert of the company “Factory Windows” Alexander Morozov.

Как выбрать окно для загородного дома, коттеджа или дачи?

  • What Windows needs in your home?
  • Choose window profile
    • Plastic Windows
      • The advantages of plastic Windows
      • Cons of plastic Windows
    • Wooden Windows
      • The advantages of wooden Windows for private homes
      • Cons of wood Windows
    • Aluminum profile
  • Choose glass
    • Shockproof or reinforced glass
    • Self-cleaning Windows
    • Energy-efficient Windows
  • Choose the window design
  • Care about security
    • How can you protect the house:

What Windows needs in your home?

To get started is to select a configuration: where blank Windows, where the turning, and where it will be appropriate to the swing-out mechanism.

The easiest and cheapest option — the blind window. These Windows cannot be opened, but they carry out their main function: let the room daylight. Swivel window opens completely like in the inside and the outside — here the choice depends on your preferences. The most expensive but also the most functional option: tilt and turn window. In this case, the window can be opened as wide open and “open” to airing. Swing-out option is recommended if you live there on a permanent basis. If you come only on weekends and mostly in the warm season, you can save and pick UPS only with twist mechanism.

Choose window profile

Among the specialized systems of modern Windows, the most widely three types: plastic, wood and aluminum. Each type has its pros and cons. Choose the profile you need based on the combination of different factors: what the weather conditions outside (temperature, humidity, wind, noise), what is the microclimate inside the apartment.

Plastic Windows

When choosing plastic Windows in the first place you need to pay attention to the thickness of the profile and number of cameras. The thicker the profile, the better it keeps heat inside the building, and the less allows the cold to penetrate from the outside.

Hint: the climate in Russia is very severe, so it is recommended to select a profile thickness not less than 70 mm multi-chamber and with an additional thermal protection.

The advantages of plastic Windows

Savings. Plastic Windows have a lower cost than wood. In addition, modern Windows take into account such parameter as energy efficiency (they are designed to preserve the temperature inside, thus saving on heating or cooling).

Climate control. Modern Windows have a special valve that allows ventilation even when the window is closed. For example, the climate control SmartBox™ III, which automatically supplies air to the room. While sound and thermal insulation properties do not change.

Specifications. Plastic window has excellent performance of heat and sound insulation. In addition, they are protected from temperature extremes and various types of damage.

The ability to choose any color. Thanks to the laminating process can not only make the frame color, but styled wooden Windows.

Cons of plastic Windows

If the soul is to “naturalness”, it is better to choose wooden Windows. And in the house of wood plastic Windows look not only inappropriate, but can be deformed when placed in the first two years after construction, as the house will at this time shrink.

Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows are divided into two types: the old type and modern Windows. The first can often be covered with cheap materials (paint, paint). Evaporation from these Windows is a crock, and the window is blown, in need of constant touch up and generally have low rates for a comfortable life.

Modern wooden Windows are not made of solid pieces of wood, glued beams, thanks to which hold their shape well and have excellent characteristics.

The advantages of wooden Windows for private homes

First and foremost, is environmental friendliness. From wooden Windows to literally have the feeling that the house “breathes”. In addition, the wood fill the house with useful properties as wood Windows stand out useful essential oils (when properly processed all the useful properties of the tree are preserved).

Cons of wood Windows

The only major disadvantage of wooden Windows is their price, which, however, pays off, thanks to long lifetime and quality design.

Aluminum profile

Aluminum construction required for glazing large areas, for example, if you need Windows in the loft, balcony, pool, greenhouse, etc. the Profile can be both warm and cold depending on your needs.

Choose glass

Modern Windows not only perform their basic function (letting the light in the room), but can do many other useful things.

What double glazing can be useful in a country house or cottage?

Shockproof or reinforced glass

It’s double-glazed Windows, reinforced with a special film, which is applied on top. This glass does not disintegrate on impact, and only crack. It will help to protect the house from intrusion, and to protect children from disintegrated pieces, which are held firmly by the film.

Self-cleaning Windows

The titanium oxide deposited on the glass surface, interact with ultraviolet light and cause the organic waste to disintegrate. Its remains washed away in the rain.

Energy-efficient Windows

These Windows are designed to keep the home cool in warm months and to keep warm during cold weather. The coating is light and invisible, but very tangible for the budget.

Windows with other properties: teplopakety, tinted Windows, glass improves sound insulation and many others.

Hint: note which side of the world beyond your Windows! If the Sunny side, you may need double-glazed Windows that prevent overheating of the room (different companies offer different types of spray for this purpose). Or you can install Windows on the trucks or blinds.

Choose the window design

In addition, some properties will have your Windows, you need to consider and how they will look. This may be a window of unusual shape (panoramic, round, Bay, and others), decorated with stained glass Windows, decorative layout, tinted, colored, mirrored coating. It all depends on your preference and the basic design of a country house.

Care about security

In a country house be sure to take care of security, and it’s important to give, and for the house with a permanent residence.

How can you protect the house:

  • Triplex glass. This is a laminated glass consisting of several layers, between which also is a special film. In fact, these Windows are bulletproof.
  • Metal bars on the Windows. In this case, make sure that the design does not interfere with the penetration of light into the room and did not stop to wash Windows.
  • Anti-theft accessories. The task of such hardware — not to open the window from the outside and not allow to break the frame. If the attacker tries to shift the glass, the alarm is triggered.
    Also remember to take care of children’s safety, by choosing accessories with baby locks.
    As you can see, the choice of Windows for country houses, cottages and villas is a complex process, which depends on a comfortable atmosphere in the premises. Therefore it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to it, considering even the smallest details.