How to choose a wedding dress: the secrets of Vera Brezhneva

Как выбрать свадебное платье: секреты Веры Брежневой

On September 26 at the Four Seasons hotel hosted a fashion show organized by wedding Agency V. A. DAY in which role models were the stars of show business.

Vera Brezhneva, Nataliya Podolskaya, Adelina Sotnikova, Erica Herceg, Zoya Berber, Nyusha, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Nastasya Samburski, Rita Dakota, Regina todorenko, Maria Shurochkina and other beauties tried on wedding dresses of the famous American designer Vera Wang.

In the West, the shows of Vera Wang with celebrities on a regular basis. It is a tradition of the brand. Before she came just now in a slightly modified form. If abroad dresses show unmarried stars, the first Moscow show made relief and invited including girls who have long happy marriage.

The organization of the event in Moscow brand trusted wedding Agency of Vera Brezhneva and Anna capris, which has already proved itself on the international market. Participating in the show are carefully selected, initially the list had over 50 nominees, but was fortunate enough to wear dresses of dream only 15 girls (alter and customize outfits Vera Wang is not so lucky only to those on whom they sit like a glove).

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The hostess of the wedding Agency Vera Brezhnev acted as the inspirer of the event.

“Preparations for the show took just over two months,” says Vera Brezhnev. Sometimes it was difficult, but the result justified the efforts. On the wedding day the bride must be happy, and the secret Vera Wang that their dresses happy each.

The singer followed all the way down to such details as flowers, their decoration, what music will come out one or the other model. She, along with representatives of Vera Wang thought through make-up and all the images of the star brides.

Faith itself appeared on the catwalk in a dress similar to the outfit of Cinderella – with a huge fluffy as a cloud skirt and a black belt, decorated with rhinestones Svarovski. The star admitted that she felt more of a Princess than a bride.

— The most important thing in a wedding dress to make it like the bride-to-be – shared Faith with Wday. And the second dress should be appropriate. If you are celebrating alone in a restaurant, would it be strange to wear a poofy ball gown and a wedding with 600 guests, cocktail attire can look enough the front. The dress and the occasion should be combined with each other.