How to choose a sofa in a small room

Как правильно выбрать диван в небольшую комнату

Not everyone can boast of spacious apartments. Most layouts have limited space, where it is difficult to fit all the necessary furniture. Designers use different stylistic techniques to create a functional space to “a couple” of square feet. In this article we will concentrate on an important aspect — the choice of sofa.

To find a sofa in a small room is quite difficult. Need to he was both a full bed and a comfortable Seating position. In this case, the transformation mechanism needs to be reliable and durable, and the surface is smooth and soft.

Как правильно выбрать диван в небольшую комнату

To choose the right sofa, you will help the following rules:

  • The exact calculations. Before you buy decide where to stand on the sofa and measure the allotted space. If you have already chosen the model, but not fit in size, we consider the same model, but, for example, without armrests that will allow you to save up to 50 cm square. Also, you can always order furniture according to your sketch.
  • Additional places. Book the sofa with a linen box, where you will be able to remove the pillow and blanket, without taking up space in the cabinets. If the sofa is not used as a sleeping place, can be stored in it, for example, off-season shoes.
  • Color. Selecting light colors, you will visually enlarge the space. And it’s better if the padding will without patterns. Monochromatic colors creates a sense of order and freedom.
  • How to choose a sofa in shape and mechanism of transformation?

    The best option for a small room will be a corner sofa. He, taking a corner, frees up useful space for other purposes. In this case, as in folded and unfolded form of the corner model is very roomy.

    Direct sofa also should not be underestimated. Today, manufacturers produce a series of upholstered furniture, which is specifically designed for small apartments. A direct model of the sofa can have broad armrests or built-in tables and shelves on which you can install useful things.

    The transformation mechanism can be seen the sofa “click-clack” and “accordion”, “evroknizhka”. If there is sufficient free space in front of the sofa, you can choose draw-out model.

    Any room, even the smallest, can be a cozy and functional area for relaxation or entertaining guests, for sleeping or the family watching TV.

    Как правильно выбрать диван в небольшую комнату

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