How to choose a heater for a sauna room?

Как выбрать электрокаменку для сауны?

The electric heater is efficient and small in size oven, designed specifically for installation in baths and saunas. Most often has a rectangular welded housing with extruded vents, heated using heaters or low-temperature tapes. The main source of heat in such structures are the stones which are placed on heating elements. They get heated and by convection provide heating of the air in the room. A wide range of models of import and domestic production makes electric stoves for sauna in demand in the market. But not to be mistaken with a choice, the buyer must consider certain technical characteristics that affect the efficiency of the furnace.

Как выбрать электрокаменку для сауны?
Photo: Starpool

Functional features of electric heaters

The advantages of this type of furnaces for baths and saunas are their characteristics:

  • in contrast to the classical wood-burning stove, electric heaters are hygienic in operation, does not involve cleaning ashes, or the purchase of firewood;
  • to run a furnace, it is sufficient to insert the plug into the socket and the heating elements will begin to heat;
  • no need for a chimney allows you to install the heater in any room, even in the steam room, in a apartment;
  • the possibility of maintaining the required temperature using the internal thermostat;
  • electric heaters look stylish and presentable, so they would look appropriate in any interior;
  • with the ability to control with the remote control streamlined the process of interaction with the equipment. You can remotely turn on the heater or to select the desired operation mode.

Depending on power, and designed by the manufacturer of the resource, electric stoves are of two types: for household and commercial use. Household heater is often a low-power model designed for a small twin home. Commercial, respectively, designed for intense daily work and warm-up large areas.

Factors influencing the choice of the model

The main parameter, which is a start when choosing an electric heater is power. It depends on the heated volume.

For your convenience, rely on standards developed in a practical way:

  • 1,3-1,8 kW per 1 cubic meter (for baths of the log cabins);
  • Of 0.5-0.8 kW per 1 cubic meter (panel areas).

To improve the efficiency of the furnace is necessary to take care of the insulation of walls and thermal insulation of the ceiling. If the steam room is the decorative elements or the full surface of concrete or glass, they would indirectly “take” the power. If there is no opportunity to insulate, selecting the heater, add to the stated rated power for another 30%. You also need to take care of good room ventilation. It will make the stay in the sauna a comfortable and safe, plus balance vapor concentration.

For electric heaters with a capacity of 3 kW requires a network of 380 V. This point you need to consider in advance.

If the oven will work in an apartment building, maximum capacity up to 6 kW. For a more powerful name will require approval and conduct transactions that will withstand the corresponding loads.

Another important parameter is the capacity of the containers for the stones. The bigger it is, the faster it warms up steam. In some models this niche it occupies 80% of the body. For small baths this design is not suitable because in case of accidental contact with it can burn. You can install them in smaller pairs only when the external cladding of timber. Universal model — heater with integrated closed niche.

The manufacturer also influences the choice. A good solution for a couple of any size and offers the Finnish manufacturer Harvia. It is easy to operate, reliable model, made in classic Scandinavian style. Such an electric heater can be equipped with external or built-in units, placed on the floor or be hung on the wall. European brand Sawo offers high-end products — he’s in the lineup can be found a powerful configuration, lined with soapstone. The company also offers a budget model at a very affordable price.

Rules for safe operation:

  • the maximum temperature should not exceed 100 degrees. High temperature steam can cause the pyrolysis of wood;
  • on electric heaters, under any circumstances, it is impossible to dry clothes;
  • WA hot stones do not pour essential oils. For fragrance there is a special blend of different fragrances created especially for the bath;
  • you can’t include electric heater without the stones. Large stones should be placed at the bottom of the niche, small — up of the heater. They should not too firmly adhere to each other, otherwise it will be improper circulation of air.