Как выбрать террасную доску

Decking refers to the lumber that are used for the beautification of gardens, terraces, summer playgrounds, winter gardens, greenhouses, and other open and closed zones. A distinctive feature of this material: high resistance to humid conditions. Because of this decking is suitable for laying decking around the outdoor pools, the construction of walkways on beaches, construction of marinas.

Как выбрать террасную доску
Decking in the house of one of the employees of the company Ecowood

What is decking?

For the manufacture of terrace boards use three main types of procurement of materials. They differ in the aesthetic and performance properties that determine the conditions of their application.

  • Decking made of natural wood. For its production uses a variety of woods. This also depends on the cost of production. Compare prices on decking in Kiev offering here. The lower segment of decking is a familiar deciduous species: larch, acacia. High aesthetic properties, durability, stability has material from exotic wood: merbau, meranti, ball, LIC.

  • ThermoWood. Natural breeds lend themselves to heat treatment (heating), which is due to compaction and hardening of the molecular bonds. With the aim of increasing operational properties of the product treated with protective compounds. The finished lumber has high stability: stability geometry under temperature changes or humidity changes.

  • WPC Decking. Crushed natural rock mixed with polymer and pressed. The composite is not affected by insects, does not absorb moisture, has a stable geometry. Such products may be of different thickness, shape, texture of the front surface, colors and is able to simulate the texture of any wood.

  • What decking is best?

    The answer to the question what kind of decking is better depends on the context in which it must operate.

    When choosing types of material are considered:

    • an open or closed site must be landscaping;
    • the estimated load;
    • evidence of contact with moisture;
    • appearance.

    For the decoration of terraces under a canopy, walkways in greenhouses or laying flooring in a Conservatory can be used decking from natural wood. High aesthetics in landscape design will provide thermogravity Board. For paving by the pond, used as flooring in the outdoor pools or in locations with direct water contact is better than composite (WPC) material.

    Strap produce different thickness in the range from 1.8 to 4.8 cm For laying of flooring in areas with high traffic, in the design of terraces, cafes, restaurants, better to give preference to products with the thickness more than 3 cm If the operation is not assumed to be high load on the floors, you can use plankers smaller thickness. Accordingly, in places with high traffic to efficiently use the increased Board thickness.