Как выбрать смеситель для ванной

A large number of offers in the shops often put the buyers in a dead end. To understand the nuances of choosing a faucet for the bathroom helped professionals online store CeramicPlus.

Despite the fact that the purpose of all mixers, one to mix the hot and cold water to the desired temperature — there are many types.

What are the faucets

To select a mixer, it is necessary to define its purpose, design, form, and price, material and manufacturer.

Choose a faucet is easiest online. For example, Internet plumbing shop CeramicPlus included all the necessary parameters in the search filter. On the website of the store offers a wide range of plumbing products manufacturers.

The purpose of the mixers can be with stand up shower, no holder for the sink in the bathroom or kitchen.

By construction, the following mixers:

• Classic. Consists of two valves — hot and cold water. Temperature and pressure are regulated by two taps.
• Ball. Consists of one handle, the rotation of which can be configured as pressure and temperature.
• Faucets with thermostat and pressure compensated. These more modern and expensive models have two side of the regulator, which exhibited a number that corresponds to the required pressure and temperature.
• Touch. With photocell mixer delivers water at the right temperature.

The material from which modern produce faucets, also varies, but most often it is chrome plated brass. There are more expensive exclusive models, for example, natural stone or inlaid with gold.

With a wide range of models more details can be found on the website of the online store. In addition, the online store CeramicPlus provides its customers with discounts, and provides a comfortable delivery in Moscow, Moscow region and Russia.

Bathroom faucets — what is special

Producers seek to diversify the form, and even a jet water flow in the shower system to make the process more enjoyable. Recently popular big massive outboard mixers, which are governed by the jet water flow from head to configurations, and cascading mixers. So taking a shower turns into a full SPA treatment, which helps to relax after a busy day.

When choosing a mixer, pay attention to the manufacturer. The products are tested well-known brands guaranteed quality and long service.